Thursday, August 7, 2008

Trip into D.C.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Country Roads Take Me Home....

This weekend we hit the road for an overnighter in Shepherd's Town, West VA. It was great fun and reminded me so much of all the day trip excursions that Dan and I took while dating. We'd pack the car and set out to explore Virginia's vast historic towns and we'd drive the dirt roads the entire way. Half the time, we never had a plan - just went. That tiny bit of freedom is somewhat tweaked now that William has joined the ranks. We tend to use a map now only to feel like we have a plan in case William can't take the long drive. However, we have been quite fortunate to have a jolly little man who loves to ride in his car seat for long periods of time.
We stopped in Shepherd's Town because it is close to some great hiking and the town is very old (established around 1790) yet tends to have some excellent shopping. So, after we played around and let William enjoy the outdoors, we headed to our hotel. I think the hotel was William's favorite part of the weekend. He ran the lengths of the hallways, hooting and hollering with pure glee. He loved the pool and thought that playing on the bed at 10pm was the COOLEST most exciting thing this side of chicken nuggets.

You'll see the tiny house. It was super cute and built in 1920 in honor of a beloved town school teacher. It is so tiny, but inside it is fully outfitted with a doll house size staircase, kitchen, furniture and 2 bedrooms.....oh man, if only I was 5 again!

These road trips are such a nice memory and probably my very favorite part about living here. Virginia's small towns are so quaint. They surround battlefield country, boast the best orchards for "picking," paint pictures of the most beautiful farm country, and the scenery, oh man is it breathtaking.
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