Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Meet the Teacher day at Kirk of the Hills - Adeline and Anna Elizabeth 2014

My girls are gearing up for preschool at Kirk of the Hills.  We have loved Kirk for the last 3 years.  It's been a wonderful, safe place for my girls to grow up and to experience "school."  This year, Adeline is 3 day 3 year old preschool on MWF and Anna Elizabeth is going to the 3 day 2 year old class on MWF.   Yippee!  Their schedules are coordinated!

Tuesday was "Meet the teacher" day for the girls.  This year, both gals are in a new wing of the church and by coincidence, their classrooms are right next door to each other.  Adeline was delighted to see that!

Anna Elizabeth's teacher is Ms. Linda.  Adeline had Ms. Linda last year and WE LOVED HER.  Truly, she was just great.  Anna was kind of nervous when we got there because she thought I was leaving her.  But, once the three of us got inside the classroom and I sat down to fill out paperwork, Anna realized that I was staying and she was pleased to be there.  In fact, I couldn't get either of the girls to leave the room with me!  That's a good sign....or so I HOPE!  Anna's room has lots of fun toys that she will just love - play kitchen, dress up clothes, 2 strollers, 5 dolls, a puppet theater, legos, blocks, and all the basic craft supplies.  Her room is very happy and based on playtime learning. 

Adeline's teacher is Mrs. Postan.  I requested her based on feedback from other parents in the preschool.  For Adeline, I really wanted her 3 year old preschool experience to be slightly more aggressive on learning and structured like real school.  This is because she will be moving on to Preschool 4s at Holland Hall and I want her to be prepared.  Mrs. Postan is older and has 20 years of teaching under her belt.  Her assistant is a lovely woman from Prague.  She was thrilled to learn that my sister studied abroad in Prague and that we have been there to visit. 

Adeline's classroom is different than Anna's room.  First thing I noticed was how the room is set up for playtime but with less "frilly" stuff.  Like there is one stroller, 2 dolls and a kitchen.  More space is devoted to school with a large area for circle time, a map, a Spanish lesson plan, a weather station, and it just seemed more grown up if you can call 3 year old preschool "more grown up." 

While I filled out paperwork, the girls played with the dolls and then Adeline spent a long time working on blocks with the teaching assistant.  I told her 3 times that it was time to go, and each time Adeline told me "just a couple more minutes mom" or "not now,  I am busy working on my project."
These are all signs of a positive environment and reiterates to me that MY GIRLS ARE READY TO RETURN TO SCHOOL!

Happy days ahead!

Adeline takes ballet and tap 2014

Adeline was so excited to return to That's Dancing for another year of ballet.  She was even more thrilled to learn that she gets to wear TAP SHOES! 

The day we bought the tap shoes, Adeline spent a long time tapping in the garage.  She loves the loud noise the shoes make on the concrete! 

Kara Richie is her teacher this year.  Adeline and a few of her friends are together in class on Tuesdays from 9:30-10:15.  They do ballet and creative movement for 30 minutes and tap for 15 minutes.  By the time the class is over, Adeline is tired.  She always asks me for a drink and a grilled cheese when I pick her up! 

Anna is desperate to join the fun.  When she sees Adeline dressing up in her ballet attire, Anna runs into her closet and grabs her ballet shoes.  "Ballet shoes! Ballet shoes! Mama!!!  I wear ballet shoes too!"  Then she says, "I wear dress up!  I wear dress up!" and that means "get my tutu too!"  So, I happily dress Anna in her ballet uniform and off we go to take Adeline to class.  If we get there early, Anna runs around the dance room spinning and lifting up her legs, "I DO IT!  I DO BALLET!"  Then when class starts, I grab her up and she beings to scream at the top of her lungs.  She wants more than anything to stay and dance with her sissy.

WBB goes to Second Grade!

Another year of school and William Barron is now in Second Grade!  I remember the first day William went to Holland Hall.  He was in Preschool 4s.  I remember looking over at the circle drive where parents pick up 2nd and 3rd graders.  I remember telling myself, "WOW.  It seems like a long time before William will be over in that wing of the Primary School."  3 years later, William is in that far end of the Primary School and I am in that circle drive carpool line.  It's going so fast.  Only one more year and my Heart will march into Middle School. 

But for now, SECOND GRADE IS AWESOME!  William's teacher is Mrs. Cardiel.  We could not be more pleased with her.  She is FREAKISHLY smart and was the 5th grade reading and writing teacher before returning to 2nd grade teaching.  William loves math and he loves to read, so I know that is the reason he was placed in her class.  So far, he loves her.  I have met her once and she is nothing less than delightful.  Here's to a positive year!

William was all smiles on the first day of school.

So far, here is William's report on Second Grade :
  • There are 2 outside times
  • There is a full size basketball court on the playground
  • He's going to invent something for the Invention Convention
  • He gets to sit by anyone he wants during lunch instead of only his classroom friends
  • Homework is usually a math worksheet
  • Spelling tests every single Friday (He's nervous about these "first tests")

William Barron "Favorite Things" age 7.5.  August 28, 2014

"My Favorites"
  • color - green
  • animal - penguin
  • airplane - CRJ200
  • number- 27
  • food- pizza
  • candy - tootsie rolls
  • train - Polar Express
  • toy - first airplane I ever got
  • sport- soccer
  • friend - Michael Cameron
  • car - Porsche
  • thing about second grade - reading
  • thing to do with Dada - play basketball
  • thing to do with Mom - not much.  "you usually take care my sisters"
  • book - Aircraft The Complete Guide
  • song - 500 Miles The Proclaimers
  • about Bebe - she plays with me a lot and take me to get however many toppings I want on my ice cream
  • about Pops - he wakes up early and spend time together before he goes to work
  • about Gram - she downloads any games I want on the Ipad and she builds block cities with army men
  • about Bubba - sitting and talking with him and watching him nap on the couch
  • drink - water
  • at night - have some peaceful time without my loud and crazy sisters
  • about morning - waking up and seeing Anna's cute face
  • to wear - pjs
  • airport - Chicago O'Hare
  • place to eat - Qudoba
  • sport to watch in person - ORU baseball games because I can watch the game and eat snacks at the same time.  I even find lots of baseballs behind the fence
  • summertime activity - Trip to Florida
  • holiday - Christmas
  • place to go in the car - OKC
  • trip this year - Horn Creek and all the State Parks
  • thing about Santa - he brings me presents
  • thing about Anna Baby - she has cute looks
  • thing about Adeline - she loves to play with me and we have a lot of fun pretending
  • thing about being a big brother - teaching my sisters about life
  • best part about being 7.5  years old - I am older and I lost 4 teeth and get money from the tooth fairy
  • snack - Sun Chips
  • dessert - Ice Cream Cookies and Cream with lots of toppings
  • thing about being a Boy Scout - Boy Scout Swim Party
  • thing about the Pine Wood Derby - that I won 13th place out of 30

Friday, August 8, 2014

Sisters and Dress Up ages 3.5 and 23 months

Monday, August 4, 2014

Adeline's first visit to the dentist

Today was Adeline's first official visit to the dentist.  She is very familiar with the dentist office because she's always been with me when I take William to his appointments.  Adeline is always eager to come with me because she loves to play on the big pirate ship in the lobby.   There are always lots of kids to play with while we wait for William to finish his appointment, and Adeline never wants to miss out!

I explained that today was different because when William's turn was over, Adeline would get a turn sitting in the dentist chair.  Adeline didn't miss a beat and said, "No thanks Mama.  I am going to stay on the pirate ship the whole time."  I calmly told her that was a great idea and assured her that she would have plenty of play time in the lobby.  BUT, she would also get a turn brushing her teeth.  "NO THANKS MAMA!"  And so, that was about it.

William really talked up the dentist while we were in the car.  He told Adeline all about the movies you watch on the ceiling, the prize treasure chest, the flavored toothpaste, and the spit sink.  He was GREAT at making the dentist sound like a trip to Disney World.  Adeline thought the whole story sounded fabulous and she told William she'd be happy to pick out a prize for herself.  HA!  We kept telling her that the only kids who get a prize are the ones who have a turn in the chair.  "NO THANKS MAMA!"

I decided to take Adeline back to the dentist chair when it was William's turn just so she could see the room and get familiar with the hygienist, Ms. Casey.  I told Adeline, "Ms. Casey is our friend.  She is going to teach us all about our teeth."  Adeline was totally skeptical and kept her distance from Ms. Casey.  Ms. Casey could not have been nicer, but Adeline's lips began to quiver and she held my hand tighter and tighter.  We watched William for awhile and then Adeline whispered in my ear. "Mom, I want to go play on the pirate ship now."  I could hear her voice cracking and I felt for her.  So we left and went back into the lobby to play until William was finished. 

After awhile, Ms. Casey came out to get Adeline.  She was so nervous.  She didn't want to lay down in the chair AT ALL.  But, once I pinned her down, she calmed down and started watching the movie on the ceiling.  Ms. Casey offered her some sunglasses but Adeline said, "No thanks.  Can I give them to my sister, Anna baby?" 

Then it was time for Adeline to open her mouth and NO WAY.  She started crying and wouldn't stop.  William told her all about the pink toothpaste while Ms. Casey tickled her finger with the electric toothbrush.  Adeline wasn't completely calm, but she held it together enough for Ms. Casey to brush her teeth.  I left the room because I always think it's easier when parents are not front and center.  William left as well and we both sat in the lobby for what felt like forever.  But 8 minutes later, Ms. Casey called us back.

I could tell Adeline was done.  She had been crying and was a nervous wrek that I left her.  I felt bad but got over it quick because I knew Adeline needed to learn that the dentist is a fact of life.  I told Ms. Casey that we could stop now and just see the dentist to wrap up the visit.  I wanted to keep the whole situation positive.

The dentist came out and congratulated Adeline on a fine first visit.  That put a smile on her face!  She got to pick out a treasure from the chest - 2 sparkle rings and a wand.  SUCCESS!

And even more exciting - WILLIAM LOST ANOTHER TOOTH during the visit!  He was thrilled!

Now we just need to start working on Adeline for her next visit in February.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Church comments by WBB, 7.

Me: Aren't you going to fly your airplanes (we are outside). 

William: "No. I am just thinking about the tragedy of church ". 

Me: Huh? What tragedy? 

William: "Well it is long and the projects are not the greatest and I have to dress up" 
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