Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This Land We Belong to is GRAND!

We are hitchin' up our surrey with the fringe on top and heading to Oklahoma for one last summer vacation.  I will probably post a few times during our trip, but I know I can't upload pictures until we return home.   Enjoy your August and we'll be back consistently in September!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

never forget

how often you randomly grab my neck, squeeze me tight and say "I love you Mom Mom."

how you tell Dada and I almost everyday that we are both your very best friends.

how you lay flat on the floor for hours in order to study how an object works.

how you love an adventure and always go along with a smile.

how you kiss my check every night when you go to bed.  "Let me give you a kiss."

how you climb up in my lap asking me to hold you everytime you watch a tv show.

how you light up with extra energy when Dada walks through the door at the end of the day.

how you remind me at the most random moments that "Mom Mom, you are my best girl ever."

how you receive so many complements on your good manners.

how you protect your friends when someone isn't playing kindly.

how you opened your mind to trying new foods - finally.

how you love to build forts with Dada.

how you are 100% absorbed in your imagination of flight.

how often you remind me " we just try our best like the ant on Word World and it's no big deal if  it doesn't work."

how when you are 48 inches tall you will go to the Boeing building for a tour.

how intrigued you are by backyards and garages "Mom,  Mom they have 3 garages!"

how we never knew such a love until you were born.

Friday, August 6, 2010

A whole lot of not much....

Since we were without power yesterday from 4pm until 1:30am, I killed some time by emailing myself pictures off my iphone.  I really only killed about 5 minutes, but felt productive nonetheless.  Pilot Barron spent the power outage playing "night time take offs" with his airplanes while sporting his pint sized head lamp.  Dada was no fool and stayed at the office a very long time embracing electricity.

Here are a few oldies but goodies from the camera phone.

1.  playing at the toy store
2.  skuutin' to shirlington
3.  yummy - popsicle
4.  showing off his new Playmobil jumbo jet
5.  waiting for the 77 ART bus to take us on a morning adventure

Sunday, August 1, 2010

You're never fully dressed without a...

pair of pilot shoes.

Yes, Pilot Barron wears his uniform out on errands, up in the skies, aboard mass transit, to Michaels, on metro, to the pool, to Harris Teeter, to 7-Eleven,  and just about anywhere you can think of.  However, the one accessory he's always been missing is the ever important pair of pilot shoes.  He noticed them on all the pilots probably a year ago, but he's just gone with the flow and worn his navy tennis shoes to complete his look.  

Until now.

For the last 4 months or so, William has been on an everlasting campaign to buy some pilot shoes at the pilot shoe store.  He's asked me daily, sometimes two or three times.  It's not annoying.  It's very serious and very important to a professional pilot.  After all, shoes complete an outfit.  

So we headed to the pilot shoe store (a.k.a. Payless) for an attractive pair of clunky, black faux leather lace ups that are all the rage amongst airline pilots.  William had two requirements:  1. they lace up like dada's office shoes and just like real pilots John and Rick (see his tour of the cockpit in previous posts) and 2.  they have tread-like tracks on the bottom so he can run fast to his gate if the passengers are waiting on him.   Did I mention this is a very serious purchase?

Our pilot shoe store proved sufficient and after trying on 4 styles (who knew they had so many?), Pilot Barron settled on the perfect pair of black pilot shoes WITH tread-like tracks on the bottom.  And for $9.99 they'll fit any pilot's budget.

Just like the pilots on American Airlines and Delta.  Just like Rick and John.  Just what he needed to complete his uniform.  Just goes to show you are never fully dressed with your pilot shoes and a smile!
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