Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Adeline is 4 months old!

Miss Adeline Hendry Barron, you are now 4 months old!  I cannot believe it.  You are growing like a weed and your personality is as scrumptious as your chubby thighs.  Oh how we love and adore every single ounce of you!  
Adeline, you are 16 pounds, wear a size 3 diaper, a size 3/6m dress and a size 6-9m one piece outfit.  I have moved you to 9m pjs because I feel like your toes get  a little crammed at the bottom of the footie pjs.  The 9m size is big, but you have some wiggle room and seem to be comfy in them at night.  You go to bed around 7pm and wake up around 4am for a bottle.  Then you go back to bed until 6:45-7:15am.  You have given up the sleep sack because you like to stretch out in your bed and during the night, I can hear you thrashing around.  You like to move in your sleep or else you have some busy dreams!  I also think you have a favorite blanket because you love to put it right next to your face when you are tired.  So far, it's not a crutch to sooth you, but nevertheless, you prefer this blanket over the others.  Your eyes are still blue, but not as bright blue as when you were born.  Your hair is still dark, but it is thinning out on the sides which has left you with a mohawk.  I can still manage to get a tiny bow in your hair, but it doesn't stay in long.  I sure hope your hair grows back as thick as it was the day you were born!  What a great surprise that was for mommy!   You also look a lot like your big brother!
The doctor told me you have a very mild case of eczema, so I am treating it with cream.  It doesn't seem to bother you, but I am holding my breath that it is not a major sign of allergies.  At 4 months, you can start rice cereal, but I have decided to wait another month now that I know you have eczema.  You love your bottles and take about 8 ounces of formula every 4 hours or so.  If I am holding you and carrying around the bottle, you will open your mouth up really wide and fish around for the nipple until I hand it over.  You are SO close to holding your own bottle and love to move the bottle in and out of your mouth at your own pace.  
You are also VERY close to sitting up on your own.  You really prefer to be upright instead of on your back.  You will sit up with a pillow behind you and reach out for your toys that are in front of you.  We'll play with your ball for a long time.  You love to hold it and when I say, "where's your ball?"  you sometimes lift it up in the air with a big smile on your face.  One of my favorite things is putting you either on the couch or on the bed so you are sitting up and then I can be on the floor at eye level.  We'll chat and play with your toys for a LONG time.  You will smile, babble, lift up your rattles, etc.  I just love it.  It's fun to talk with you and see your face light up when I laugh with you.
You found yourself in the mirror.  Dada has been showing you yourself in the mirror and a few weeks ago, you understood you were looking at yourself and Dada.  Oh how you just beam and giggle when you see your face in the mirror.  You want to touch the mirror and press your face next to the person who is holding you up to see your reflection.  I always end up kissing those big ol' cheeks of yours! 
You are still not a big fan of the car seat.  You cry a frustrated cry when we are in the car and sometimes you can really let me have it.  If William is in the back seat with you, you are much more content to ride along.  Perhaps when you can face forward, you will like the car better.  I think you get a little scared because you cannot see me.
You are William's most prized possession (next to airplanes of course) and the heart of your mama and dada.  Every morning you greet us with a smiling face and shrieks of excitement.  You LOVE to talk.  You babble all the time and in fact, you found your scream the other day.  It was priceless.  You let out a big scream and your eyes got as big as saucers.  You smiled from ear to ear like, "wow, did I just do that?"  and then you let out another scream.  You scream for fun, you scream when excited, you scream and shriek just to hear yourself!  It's really funny and you just smile the whole time you are making noise!  William will sometimes scream (softly) back at you and when he does this, you guys start a screaming conversation.  You belly laugh when William softly screams and you don't miss a beat by screaming right back at him.  It's cute to watch, but I am sure it will eventually cause mom mom a headache!

You love your exersaucer and play in it several times a day.  Many times I find you talking to the toys and trying to bite on the teethers.  You like the swing just fine, but you LOVE your play mat.  You'll lay on it for a long time just batting at the hanging toys and babbling to yourself.
I realize I have two different children and I love each of you with every ounce of my being.  But, I can't help but compare your mannerisms at this young age. It's fun to see how my two babies are so different.   First, you put anything in your mouth.  William NEVER put stuff in his mouth.  You also go to bed much easier than William.  Once you are sleepy, but not totally asleep, I can put you in your bed and you are content to drift off to sleep on your own.  I love to hold you, but I realize this method works for you and many times if you are really tired, you prefer to stretch out in your bed rather than me holding on to you.  William always preferred to be rocked and held to sleep.....he would wake up or scream the second I placed him in the crib if he was the slightest bit awake.  You are also a talker.  Must be the girl in you.  You love to scream, babble, holler, etc.  William did those things too, but you are much louder at this age!   
I love every single phase of babyhood and with every passing month, I just yearn to freeze time.  I LOVE to hold you.  I LOVE to feel your chubby cheeks on my face, I LOVE to squeeze your legs, I LOVE to bury my face in your neck and smell you.  I LOVE giving you kisses.  I LOVE squeezing your body tight and whispering in your ears.  I LOVE to sit and look at you sleeping so still and peaceful.  You belly laugh and smile as big as the sun when I love on you.  I hope you remember.  I hope one day a moment in your life will make you pause and take you back to THIS MOMENT when your mom mom stared at you in complete thankfulness and hugged you with all her might.  Oh to love you Adeline.  It's my greatest joy.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Finally Goggles!

I have had William in swimming lessons since he was a baby.  The classes are through Arlington county and happen once a week;however, we take a break in the summer.  I have stayed consistent with swimming because I just feel like it is such an important life skill and I REALLY want my kids to know how to react if they find themselves in a scary water situation.....I have always loved to swim, so I am not afraid of the water, but now that I have kids, I am afraid for their safety in just about every aspect of life.  Swimming ranks high on the list.  

So, you would think that after all these years of William having lessons that he'd be a fish.  Well, he does love the water and he LOVES to swim but one lesson each week doesn't really make you a shark overnight.  I have never been aggressive about making him learn to swim on his own because like everything else he does in life, he will do it when HE is ready.  I have just wanted him to understand being in the water and how to react or better yet, save himself.  

My motto from day one of parenting is always to keep every situation positive.  So I have always treated swimming as a fun activity.  In previous years, if he wanted to wear a flotation device, no big deal.  But, now that William is 4.5 years old, he "gets it" and his swimming has turned a corner - without the need for wearing any sort of flotation device (unless we go to the deep end and he wears swimmer blocks around his waist) in the 3-4 feet deep water.  He's very confident and his arms and legs work well together, but until recently he would not put his face in the water.  I have showed him goggles several times and explained that they help you see under water so when you put your face in, you can open your eyes.  He was not interested and probably didn't want to listen to me.

I just KNEW that if he would wear a pair of goggles, he's confidence would soar and he'd finally put his face in the water AND be able to open his eyes - the big reason he doesn't go under.  This was key because once his face was under water, he could float on his belly and really swim like a true swimmer.

Well, the other day we hit the pool with his buddy Caroline.  She loves goggles and wears them in the water all the time.  We also ran into his friend Campbell and he was sporting a pair of goggles too!  I acted like I could care less and casually asked William if he wanted to try his goggles (again, always positive but not expecting an answer) and he quickly said, "sure, I will try it."

The kid never looked back.  He's swimming!  And although we are not ready for the deep end without our blocks, I am SO SO SO PROUD of my little guy.  It was truly one of the most rewarding moments of being a mom.  To see my hard work pay off with a grin as big as the sun!

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Big Apple Adventure VBS 2011

Last week was Vacation Bible School at our church in Alexandria.  The theme was "New York City, The Big Apple Adventure."  I wasn't quite sure how New York and the Bible were related, but William came home every single day full of stories, artwork in the shape of apples and hot dogs, fun facts about New York and most importantly, enthusiasm for Jesus.  
He LOVES VBS and we have participated every year since he was 14 months old.  I usually volunteer with the three year olds every year, but since I now have my sweet Adeline, I decided to take the year off and enjoy one on one time with her while William had fun at camp. 
As William would tell me, "it was a good decision," and Adeline and I spent most of our days playing at home.  I can't stop lovin' on this sweet blessing of mine!  I continue to stare at her in complete thankfulness. 

Some of the highlights from VBS include:

  • William making a name tag necklace and stringing the beads on one side in pink, purple and white "just for Adeline."  The other side was red and blue like American Airlines
  • "Mom, we are suppose to find someone who doesn't know Jesus and bring them to church with us.  Can you help me find someone who doesn't know Jesus?  Everyone should love him."
  • "Mom, can we go to New York?  I need to see the Statue of Liberty." (asked everyday, 20 times)
  • "Mom, don't you think the Statue of Liberty gets tired of holding her hand up all day long?  I know she's not real, but that would get kinda boring after 30 hours."
  • "Mom, do you think there are airplane toys in Heaven for the kids?  I hope so."
  • "This CD of bible school songs is my favorite.  Let's listen to the whole thing without getting out of the car.  We can just sit here in the parking lot."

Friday, July 15, 2011

Play me like a fiddle - Good Night!

William had been up in bed for about 30 minutes when he called for me to come upstairs.

William (rather pathetic):  "Mom Mom my heart hurts.  I think it is broken."
Me:  "Oh, that is just terrible.  I am sorry."
William:  "Maybe if I just pat it softly, it will feel better.  Maybe I should ask Jesus to fix it."
Me:  "I am sure Jesus will be happy to fix your broken heart.  Do you feel ok?"
William:  "No, I don't feel very well (pathetic voice), but I think if you tell me a story, I will feel better."

So I tell a story about a guy named Dipple Dopper who lives in a castle with a red flag on top and a mote around the edges.  And how there were two mice in the castle who were eating all the food and Dibble Dopper caught them behind the cabinets trying to sneak a piece of cheese into a tiny hole in the wall.  And together the man and the mice shot a few cannons and sling shot some rocks at the knights trying to cross the mote.....but, don't forget about the alligators who were in the water while the draw bridge was going down.  The man and the mice won!

William:  "Well, that as a good story Mom Mom.  Thank you.  But I think my day is only half way better since you told the story.  I think if you tell me another story, my heart will be totally fixed and I can live."

Me:  "Good night William"

Thursday, July 14, 2011

West Virginia Mountain Railroad

Last Friday our family set out for Elkins, West Virginia to take a ride on the New Tygart Flyer train.  There are various trains and routes to pick from, but we chose the New Tygart Flyer because it offered lunch on the train and a trip to see some pretty waterfalls.  The journey on the train was 4 hours and both kids had a ball.  Many people stopped us and commented on our cute little lady and how well she was behaving on the train.  

Adeline took a short cat nap because she didn't want to miss out on her first train ride  - you could tell she knew we were doing something "new" to her and she loved sitting on top of the table and looking out the window as we whizzed along the tracks.  William, ever the "Flyer," was pleased as punch that our train made reference to airplanes.  He was excited to have lunch on the train and brought along his sketch pad to doodle some planes while we rode along.  

Once we got to the waterfalls, everyone got off the train and hiked down a steep staircase (Dan had Adeline in his arms, otherwise, I would have been terribly nervous) to view the falls.  William had a good time throwing a bunch of big rocks into the water and seeing which ones made the biggest splash.  After about 30 minutes, we all got back on the train and headed home to the train station in Elkins.  We crossed over a HIGH bridge and road through a dark tunnel (William loved that part).  Back at the depot, we took a quick spin through the gift shop where Dada picked up a t-shirt and WBB got airplane.  That's right, an airplane at the train station.  Go figure.

We headed home around 4pm and arrived back at the house around 9pm.  It should have been about a 3 hour drive, but we took our time and stopped to check out a potential getaway spot, we had dinner, hit a car show, played in Walmart and gave Adeline a few breaks from her car seat.  William was happy to be going home, but he was also terribly sad that our "great adventure" to the train was over.  It was a sweet little reminded that sometimes even the smallest and easiest trips can have a lasting impact on kids.  He truly loved the train ride, car ride and all the stops in between.  

I failed to mention that we left on our trip Friday morning and spent the night at the Canaan Valley Resort State Park.  We've stayed there before and it's a good location to hiking trails and the West, VA Mountain Railroad.  The views are beautiful, the rooms are decent, breakfast is included and they have a pool, putt putt, hiking trails, golf, swimming, etc.  We also returned to our favorite West VA restaurant called The Purple Fiddle.  It's located in the middle of a ghost town in the old general store.  Bands come from all over to perform there and you can have a delicious meal while you enjoy the music.  William remembered the place and went straight to our table from last year!  His memory cracks me up sometimes.  


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Just Talkin' with WBB age 4.5

William: "Hey Mom, look at that car on the side of the road.  It's still there from this morning when we passed it earlier."
Me:  "Yep.  Looks like it broke down or ran out of gas."
William: "Well, I guess when you don't have a Iphone or a phone at your house and your car is over there on the road, all you can do is just pray."

William:  "How many years do I have left before I am an adult?"
Me: "About 14 more years before you turn 18 years old."
William:  "Oh really?  That is so frustrating.  I want to work at the extreme runway control tower in St. Barts and I can't do that for fourteeeeeeeen more yyyyyyyyeeears?  It would be a lot funner than being 4."

William:  "So Mom Mom, when Adeline was in your belly could she see your voice box and your blood?"

William:  "So Mom, when can we go to the hospital and get another baby for me?  My girl is getting so big.  We need to get 2 more babies so you have a baby, I have Adeline and Dada has a baby.  Then we don't have to share anymore.  We can each have our own baby.  Isn't that a good idea?"


Today marks my sweet William's "half birthday."  That's half way to a whole hand - age 5.  I can't believe it.    In honor of the exciting occasion, William requested a colossal cupcake.  He reminded me of the big day about 10 times, and on the eve of July 7th, we set out to bake his celebratory cupcake.  We even made it a little patriotic to go with the half birthday month theme.

I could go on and on about how fast the time flies and how I am amazed he's already half way to 5.  But, I won't.  For now, I am savoring age 4 and the "half" that comes with it.  I am busy soaking up every single morsel of my little boy's happiness and catching snapshots of the remarkable person he's turning into.

It is truly my heart's delight to be this little guy's mom.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

HAPPY 4th OF JULY 2011!

Happy 4th of July!

We had a great day celebrating the red, white and blue!  William and Dan left the house around 9am and headed up into Fairlington (our next door neighborhood) to practice basketball.  When they got there, Dan called to tell me that Fairlington was going to have their 4th of July parade at 10am.  Luckily, William's bike was in Dan's car and no one would know that we didn't live in, we jumped on the chance to join in on the fun.  

Adeline was sound asleep, but I didn't want to miss celebrating the holiday and watching William in the parade.  So, I snatched her up and quickly got her dressed, I threw on some clothes, brushed my teeth and we flew out the door!  We got to the parade about 20 minutes before it started.  Fairlington is a family neighborhood with tons of kids, so the crowd was very festive - lots of decorated wagons and bikes!  

The fife and drum were playing patriotic music and the fire truck was flashing lights and gearing up to lead the parade.  We headed into the streets and walked a short couple of blocks to the end of the parade where there was a parking lot full of hot dog and popsicle vendors.  It was VERY HOT and humid, so we didn't stay to eat.  

William had such a good time riding his bike in the parade and he was so thrilled that Adeline was there to experience the 4th of July with him.  He kept reminding me that this was Adeline's very first 4th of July and her very first parade.  He also told me how beautiful she looked in her flag dress.  I tell ya, my little boy has a heart of gold!

We came home after the parade and took it easy.  William and Adeline both took long naps.  We left the house around 4pm for Leesburg, VA.  A couple of years ago we realized that Leesburg was a great place to go watch fireworks.  It's about 40 minutes away and home to some outstanding outlet shopping as well as an old town square with quaint shops and restaurants.  We took William to Leesburg to watch the fireworks when he was 2.5 (last year we were out of town), so we thought we'd go again now that we have Adeline!

After some shopping and dinner, we found a spot on the big hill next to a parking lot.  This was near the same area we sat last time.  William was excited, but he was also slightly nervous.  He kept asking if we had his ear plugs because the fireworks were going to be SOOOOOOO loud.  Ha! They were MILES away and you could hear the slightest "pop," but nevertheless, William was convinced that he had to have the plugs before the show started.   It was a great fireworks display and William loved it!  Adeline slept through the entire show, but we promised to tell her all about it.   Then, after a few wrong turns on the way home, we finally got in our beds a little past midnight.

It was a fun family 4th, and a very sweet first holiday for my little Adeline.  Don't you think she makes a precious Little Miss Firecracker?  We sure do!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The truth about a tooth...make that teeth!

Well, Miss Adeline Hendry Barron has her bottom two front teeth at the ripe ol' age of 3.5 months!  William got his teeth at 4 months, so I had a feeling Adeline's were well on their way when noticed her starting to drool.


I am trying to get a good picture of the teeth, but so far, no luck.  You can definately see them because they have broken through her gums.  I just can't seem to get her mouth open wide enough.  I will keep trying!

Another day at the airplane museum

Saturday afternoon we decided to take a spur of the moment trip to Maryland so William could visit the Maryland Aviation Museum.  We've been to this particular museum once before when Bebe and Pops came for a visit.  William seemed to really enjoy it and so we decided it was the perfect getaway on a hot weekend afternoon.
We got to the museum about an hour before it closed.  That was just fine because it isn't that big and we were the ONLY PEOPLE there!  The museum has a small kids area with flight costumes, coloring activities, blocks and airplane games.  William and Dan played a few computer games where you had to land planes and they also tried to build a biplane with some blocks (we think a few key pieces were missing).

William showed Adeline her very first biplane and he told her to climb aboard!  He sat in the pilot's seat for Adeline's first biplane trip!  He told me the flight was smooth and clear skies all around!
After we left the museum, we headed for Franklin's General Store for dinner.  They have a really fun old time general store that is FILLED TO THE BRIM with every trinket under the sun. 
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