Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Philbrook Museum art camp

Last summer, William participated in an art camp hosted by The Philbrook Museum in Tulsa.  He had such a great time and came home with fantastic artwork.  I was so impressed with the camp program and promised William he could take another class this summer.

So the day camp registration opened, I was on my computer!  The classes are really popular and there are only a couple of art camps geared for 6 year olds.   I knew there was a big chance the classes would fill quickly, but I was able to get William his first choice.  This year, he wanted to take the class called, "Once Upon A Time."  The theme was popular children's books with award winning illustrations.  William spent 5 days listening to the stories and exploring The Philbrook's art collection.  The campers toured various museum exhibits and prepared some impressive masterpieces. 

On the last day of camp there was an art show for families.  It's held in the basement of the museum and last year, it was super crowded.  Strollers are not allowed, so I left Anna at home and took Adeline with me.  She loved seeing the art room every day when we picked William up, so I thought she would enjoy seeing his final projects and of course, a cookie at the reception.

William was really proud of his artwork.  He told us every step he took to create his paintings, his self portrait, his Indian, and his stamp art.  Well done WBB!  Next summer we are aiming for the sculpture class.  Eat your heart out Picasso.

Anna's Smile

Anna Baby has taken to the camera!  She loves to smile.  Every time I pull out my camera, she opens her mouth wide and beams.  It's pretty funny and she gives a big ol' belly laugh each time she "smiles" for us.  Here she is with her trademark grin at 8 months.



I don't have a picture of the big event, but William lost another tooth.  This time it was his lower front baby tooth.  He took it out like a pro!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Spray Parks!

Hurray!  The spray parks are finally open and my kids are lovin' them.  We have hit a few around town, but the first one we chose was The Guthrie Green.  The Guthrie Green is a large grassy park downtown.  There are spray fountains and a large stage for performers.  I took the kids around 5pm on a Friday evening and Dan met us there after work.

The spray fountains were not crowded at all, but there were a ton of people doing Yoga on the lawn.  It was kinda funny to watch!

William loves a good spray park, but I sense that he's growing out of them a bit.  He likes to play in the water and run through the fountains, but he gets a little bored sooner than he use too.  On the other hand, Adeline has to be carried away kicking and screaming.  Last year, Adeline was 14 months old and just waddled through the water because we told her too.  This year, she "gets it" and oh boy, she goes nuts!  She had more fun running through the water with William.  They made up games as they ran through the water and Adeline just laughed and smiled the whole time.  It sure is fun to watch the moments when my kids experience something new and I can see the "wow" factor in their eyes.  This year for Adeline, the spray park was one of those moments.

Anna baby just sat in the stroller and watched the water shoot up in the air.  She had a good time but after 45 minutes, she was done.  Adeline was freezing by this point, but she was determined not to leave.  She was shaking as she raced through the water.  She's get wet and then race back into Dada's arms to warm up in her towel and then race back to the water, etc.  It was not a pretty picture when we had to leave......

But don't worry.......

Bebe loaned us this sucker for the backyard!  The Barron waterpark is now open for business!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Birthday Parties and Face Paint

Adeline was recently invited to two birthday parties.  One was for her friends Maggie and Peter Kloberdanz who turned 1 and 2.  The other party was in honor of her bud, John Robert, who turned 2.

Maggie and Peter had a party in their backyard called "Paint a Pony."  It was exactly that.  A small horse arrived half way through the event and all the kiddos got a turn painting his body.  There were also bunny rabbits and a rooster in attendance.  Adeline LOVES animals so she was very excited about the thought of seeing a real pony upclose.  She waited in the front yard while the pony was delivered in a hot pink trailer and she just beamed in awe when she laid eyes on the horse.  She was very cautious, but in total wonder.  She LOVED seeing the bunnies and having the chance to pet them.

Adeline liked looking at the pony, but she didn't want to paint him.  She was too busy playing with race cars and climbing the fort......and then she saw the face paint.

I had no idea what she'd think about face paint.  William would not touch it until he was 4.  On the other hand, Adeline made a B line for the painting chair as if she was running towards a long lost friend.  She climbed up in that chair and sat as still as statue while the artist painted a heart on her hand.  Then the artist added glitter and that pretty much sealed the deal.  Next thing ya know, Adeline was transformed into a pink glittery fairy.  AND SHE LOVED IT!  I mean, the girl knew she had a little magic on her face and boy was she proud.  Any chance she could, she would steal a glimpse of herself in the mirror and just beam.  Face paint was quickly added to her vocabulary.

We even went to an event at Utica for a little more paint!

The following week we hit a 2nd birthday party for our bud, John Robert.  His party was a fun relaxed family party at home.  There was a bouce house, water table, roller coaster, sand play and a big backyard with a ball.  Who needs anything else!

The kids had a great time and the parents enjoyed fabulous food and conversation.  It's safe to say the Barron trio slept well that night!

Happy Birthday to our friends.  We are so thankful for each of you.

Our whole family went and had a great time. William was thrilled that John Robert had a bounce house. 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Two Front Teeth

And they are gone folks!

William has officially lost both of his top front teeth!  The Tooth Fairy is going broke and my boy is becoming a wealthy man.  The second top front tooth fell out while William was having pizza for dinner.  I was on the phone and he came up behind me grinning ear to ear while holding his pearly white in hand. 

I asked William the best part about loosing both of his top teeth - "The best part of loosing my two front teeth is that I can't talk that great.  It's kinda awesome to hear my words now.  I liked my old voice talk, but I sure like this one the most."

I asked William the worst part about loosing both of his top teeth - "I don't have any more that are loose! I have to wait forever now."

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