Sunday, February 26, 2012

A favorite moment

Why is it that the most spontaneous pictures turn out to be the most treasured moments of your life?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Adeline is 11 months old


You are 11 months old!  Can you believe it?  Just think, next month we'll be celebrating YOU and a year's worth of precious memories.  But for now, let's enjoy our last month before you turn one!

This month you are around 24 pounds and wear a size 6 diaper.  You wear 12-18 month clothes.  I figured out that if I part your hair differently, your calics will lay down!  Don't worry, your hair is so thick that once you run your hands through it, it will stick right back up.  And of course, we love it!

This month you have a few new milestones.  The most exciting change is -

YOU ARE ALMOST WALKING!  You can stand up on your own and take about 10 steps without help before you fall, but you are very determined to figure out the secret to walking.  When you push your walking toy around the house, your eyes light up and you cannot stop giggling.  So close!  I think you will be running around by the time you are one.
And I also started putting shoes on your feet.  I only have one little pair of shoes that fit (size 3), and you look so cute in them.  You like to wear them and stare at your feet when they are on.  You like to point to your shoes and then point to William's shoes, Mommy's shoes and Dada's shoes.
At 11 months, you have a few new words!  You say "BAAAAAL" for "Ball" and you like to show me your ball and roll it.  You can say "William" but your sweet little way is more like "ILLA!"  It is adorable when you call "Illa"'s name.  We all know that you are talking about William.  Sometimes you have lots to say about "Illa" and wave your hands around talking in your babble language.  William is so proud of you for knowing his name.  I can tell how happy he is when you call out his name and he's always eager to see what you want.
You found William's box of trains and one of your favorite things to do is stand at the train box and pull the trains out one by one.  You study their shapes, colors and wheels.  You even know who Thomas is and if I say, "where's Thomas?" you pull him right of the box.  You also have a couple of stuffed animals that talk when you push a button on their bodies.  You LOVE it when they talk and always hug them towards your chest and bow your head on their head.  It is so sweet to watch and I wonder how you knew to cuddle with them.  It's amazing how you understand so much of the world around you.
You also like to point to things and wait for me to tell you about them.  It's a new game you like to play.  Most of the time, you want me to hold you on my hip and then you start pointing around the room.  We walk all over the place to study new objects around the house.  You like books too.  Dada reads you picture books and you'll sit still for awhile on his lap.  Most of the books are about animals and Dada makes you laugh every time he imitates an animal noise.  You get a big chuckle out of story time!
You are still a great eater and you are willing to try anything we put in front of you.  I recently noticed that you don't care for your milk bottles that much.  You might take a few sips here and there, but it is rare for you to sit and drink an entire 4-6 ounce bottle in one sitting.  I think this means you might be ready for whole milk!  So, I am going to try introducing whole milk this week because I think it's very important that you keep up the calcium.

You like to go to bed around 7/7:30pm.  You gladly take a few sips of milk and then clammier for your crib.  I just stick you inside with your pacifier, blanket and your sound machine (stuffed lamb) and you are content.  You like to wake up for the day around 6am, but sometimes Dada can get you to snooze on his chest.  When that happens, you are usually up and ready to roll by 7:15am.  

You recently had a horrible cold which set you back in the sleeping department.  I don't blame you.  It was hard enough for you to breath with all that congestion in your throat and nose.  We worked through it, but your discomfort had you up two or three times in the night.  I also found that you'd take an entire bottle in the night and so I gave you milk to compensate for your lack of appetite during the day.  I just wanted to make sure you were staying hydrated, but at the same time, I think I created a small habit for you.  So, we are back to giving you water in the night if you wake up.  You seem fine with the change and I am sure after awhile, you'll loose interest and not wake up.    

I forgot to mention that we started putting you in the church nursery a few months ago.  You don't like it.  Most of the time you start crying the minute Dada gives you to the ladies in the baby room.  It breaks my heart but I know we are doing the right thing.  You need to learn that Mama and Dada will come back and it's important to trust other people.  The ladies at church are very nice and take wonderful care of you.  Sometimes when you are mad and crying, they'll drive you around the hallways in a stroller.  Sometimes you like this and sometimes you hate it.  I know because I sneak out of the service to spy on you.  It makes my heart feel better to check on you even if you are crying, and I would come get you in a heartbeat if I thought you were just too inconsolable. There have been a few weeks when we pick you up after the service and you are SO TIRED from sharing your emotions with the church ladies.  You often times collapse in my arms and hold on to me tight.  I will admit that it makes me feel sad too, but I also know it's just one of the many things I must do for you in life.  Trust me.  Mommy and Dada will always come back for you.

Adeline, eleven months has been a really fun milestone to watch.  Your personality continues to shine through with each and every new discovery.  You are constantly busy and barely leave me time to sit down for a rest. But, I wouldn't have it any other way.  You fill our days with joy and we relish every cuddle with you.  Here's to the final month of your first year!  We love you baby Adeline!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Okies in Muskogee

Sunday afternoon we decided to hit the road for Muskogee, Oklahoma.  We've never been there, but it's a quick 40 minute drive and easy on the kids.  William looked forward to seeing the USS Batfish, a WWII submarine, and it's history museum.  

We got to Muskogee just in time for lunch.  3 of the restaurants we found on Urbanspoon were closed.  And to say the town has a "wow" factor is a big "wow" it sure doesn't.  Not dogging Muskogee, just sayin' it left lots to be desired.  

We did find a quaint pizza joint that was packed with post church goers, so we knew it would be a winner.  And it was delicious!  We enjoyed our lunch and then headed for the Batfish exhibit.
William thought it was very cool to see a real submarine up close.  He kept saying how big it was and hesitated to enter the submarine.  Dan assured him it would not be setting sail, and after a little nudge, William climbed inside for a tour.  Adeline, on the other hand, was not a fan of the submarine at all.  She KNEW it was a strange place and she cried most of the time we were inside.  

William warmed up to it after awhile and tried out the sleeping quarters.  

Once we completed the sub tour, William wanted to explore the park and check out the real army tanks and torpedoes.  

We played several hide and seek games among the warfare before calling it a day.  

Despite the underwhelming charm of Muskogee, our little family had a great time together.  It is always refreshing to hit the road for a day trip and welcome a new adventure. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

William's Holland Hall Valentine Party 2012

I was able to attend William's class party for Valentines Day.  It was very cute and basically consisted of a late afternoon snack - teddy bear donuts, fruit, cheese and a drink. 

The morning of the party, I told William that I might not be able to attend the party if Adeline was asleep.  Luckily, she woke up with 20 minutes to spare, and we got to the party right on time.  William was so happy to see me and I know he was really glad we made it.
For the most part, I kept Adeline on my hip so she was up and away from the festivities.  Of course, William had to show off "his baby" so Adeline ended up getting a chance to try out his snacks and chat with his pals.
It was a fun celebration at school!


Thursday, February 9, 2012

February 7, 2012

On February 7, 2012, William woke up to find 5 balloons floating above his head.  "Hey Mom, did you see these balloons?  There are 3 blue ones and 2 red ones so that equals 5.  How did you get these in my room when I was sleeping?  I didn't even hear you during the 8 hours I had to lay still and sleep."
And then the big question - "Mom, am I 5 now?"

And thus began William's official 5th birthday celebration.
William dined on a number 5 pancake and 5 grapes for his 5th birthday breakfast.  He was thrilled to FINALLY be 5 but played it cool most of the morning. 
He was delighted to parade around wearing the birthday boy badge I gave him to wear to school.
I decorated his lunch box with Angry Bird stickers and Dada and I each wrote him a birthday note.  I tucked them inside his lunch box along with a M&M cookie as a little "we are thinking of you!" surprise.  His teachers told me his face lit up when he saw our notes. 
At 2:00, Dada and I headed to school for William's class party.  I found a donut shop in town that will make donuts in any shape imaginable.  And of course, our donuts were AIRPLANES!  William was so pleased with how they turned out and I added some cute little flags for a festive touch.  Interestingly enough, the flags were William's favorite part of the birthday snack.  He was so proud to have "signs" that said his name and declared him officially 5 years old.  Oh the little things that make a kiddo happy!

Several weeks ago, William's teacher sent home an empty Birthday Book with instructions for me to fill it with pictures of William's life from ages 1-5.  I loved the idea and quickly completed the book and returned it to school.  I really didn't give it much thought after that.

Then on William's birthday, Mrs. Overcash asked him to come to the front of the class for his birthday presentation.  Obviously, this is a HUGE deal because it is a chance for the birthday child to be in the spotlight among their peers.  William smiled as he walked to the front of the class and looked like an old pro at the birthday routine (I guess that stems from watching other friends go before him!).  Mrs. Overcash put a birthday crown on his head and opened up the Birthday Book that I had filled with pictures.  Mrs. Overcash asked him who made the book for him, and William said, "oh my mom for sure.  She loves pictures."  HA!

Mrs. Overcash knows exactly how to make a child feel special.  She spent about 8 minutes going through the birthday book with William and she asked William to explain several of the pictures I had attached.  He didn't miss a beat.  It was really cute to watch him point to himself as a baby and explain in his own words what he was doing in a picture.  Some of the kids asked him questions and he just stood up there holding court in his birthday crown.  Dan and I got a real kick out of watching William around his peers.  Mr. Cool with a gentle spirit.
After the birthday book, the class sang "Happy Birthday" and Mrs. Overcash went around the room asking the kids if they would like to give William advice.  Some of the answers included "You are so nice, be kind to your dentist, be helpful, love your mom and dad, share with others, always clean the table" and a few other random and funny answers!
William also got a turn digging in the Birthday Treasure Chest.  He knew exactly what he wanted and dug to the bottom to find a shiny gold race car.  Good choice!
Then it was time to eat the airplane donuts.  William got to pick 4 friends to sit a the table with him.  He chose Kingsley, Scarlett, Luke and Jake.

We all had a great time and I really appreciated how much the teachers and students celebrated our birthday boy. 

After school, we headed home and geared up for William's birthday dinner at the restaurant of his choice.  It was going to be a late night partying, so Adeline changed into her cupcake pjs to keep with the late night theme.
He chose Wing Run.  It's a random little joint right down the street from us that serves up delicious BBQ.  But best of all, it is an airplane themed restaurant.  Can you believe it?  I tell ya what, airplanes are our constant companion.  William waltzed right in Wing Run and told the lady at the counter it was his birthday and that he loves airplanes so that is why we came to Wing Run.  She thought William was hilarious and after dinner, the Wing Run crew presented William with a chocolate fudge pop.  He was thrilled!

And so it is safe to say that our little pilot had a fantastic high flying 5th birthday!  We love ya buddy!

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