Monday, March 30, 2009

We'll be back!

For those out there who read our blog, Team Barron is on vacation until the 9th! We'll be back and posting the exciting adventures from our trip to Oklahoma! Stay tuned.....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


William calls helicopters, "heels." Dan has a miniature flying "heel" and got it out the other night to fly around the room. William knew the "heel" would be ready after the green light turned off and it was charged. In William's words, "heel ready green ite chard." He was so excited to watch the "heel" zoom around the living room. Each time Dan started it up, William would yell, "take off!"

Monday, March 23, 2009

Space Bags

I store William's past season clothing in space bags. There are currently two on the floor of his room that I am packing with his winter clothes. I haven't paid attention to them in a few days, but today, William spotted his beloved "wheels jams" inside one of the space bags. They were located so far down in the bag, that I didn't even know they were there....but William sure did! He fell to the floor in hysterics, sobbing. I asked him what was wrong and in between cries he just kept repeating, "wear wheels jams space bag!" It took me a minute to realize what he was trying to tell me although the words were crystal clear.....I just had no idea that he even knew how to say "space bag" and what the word meant. Amazing how the little people absorb so many words, so fast!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Wheels on the Bus Tour 2009

Sitting in the Driver's Seat!

For anyone who reads this blog, it is NO surprise that yellow school buses hold a strong place in William's heart. For the past year, he has been obsessed with them. We have 5 of our own school buses that go everywhere with us and I mean EVERYWHERE. Let's not forget his 2 year birthday cake which was a 3D school bus and totally fabulous. You really must go back in the archives and check it out. It was so life like that William thought he could play with it and cried for about 10 minutes before his party because he didn't understand why we were going to eat it.

I believe his love for the yellow bus stems from our own front yard. We spend every last second of good weather outside and enjoy walking along the bike trail that parallels the neighborhood streets. Long before William could talk, we would see the big yellow buses coming down the street, sometimes 4 at a time. As it turns out, we live about a stone's throw from the Arlington County school bus yard. This is where the county houses all the school buses and where the drivers head out and return home. Anyways, I quickly learned that if we were outside around 9:00 or close to 4:30pm, we'd hit the jackpot on the bus parade. I remember William sitting in the stroller and as soon as he'd spot a bus or hear the motor, he'd squeal with delight, point at them and kick his legs. Around 22 months, he could say the word "school bus" and our lives changed.

He'd shout it from the rooftops, freak out in his car seat if he saw one, stop dead in his tracks if he heard the familiar hum of the motor, talk school bus, play school bus, push his school bus, and dream of school buses (yes, he actually said "school bus" out loud one night when I tucked him in and he was dead asleep). To date, we've amassed an impressive collection of those yellow wheels including a Mama size school bus, a Dada size school bus, a baby school bus and a tiny baby school bus, 2 learning toy school buses, 1 wooden school bus, and 1 3D school bus book/tent (thanks Santa). WHEW! Color us yellow!
Mr. Dan showing William the workings of the school bus STOP sign!

So, all this to say that yesterday I called the Arlington County school bus dispatch office and talked to a nice man named Mr. Dan - how appropriate! I recounted the saga of how obsessed my son is with school buses and Mr. Dan told me I could bring him over to see them in person and even climb inside one. HOLY COW! So, I waited until we were in the car to tell William. He beamed from ear to ear....."ride school bus mama, baby school bus, doors open, lights, ride school bus!!!" We met Mr. Dan and several other drivers (who in William's world are celebrity status) who kindly took us outside to explore the bus. At first, William was very nervous and clung to me with a tight grip (he does this in new places), but after I beeped the horn, he laughed and he was in the driver's seat!
A very, very happy boy!

William honked the horn, turned the wheel and explored the aisle of seats and seat belts. Mr. Dan showed him the stop sign and how the doors open and shut. Before we left, Ms. Sara, a fellow driver, gave William a tiny, tiny school bus to add to his beloved family of wheels. It was quite a treat for the little guy and he has not stopped chatting about it since!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dinner conversation

Tonight at the dinner table, William spent about 20 minutes moving 2 spoons around his tray while saying, "Erplanes take off! PIIIISSSSUUUU erplane! Erplane landing wheels down! Vroooom, sorry erplane red, go fast. seat belts on!" Then he waved hello with his hands and said, "Erplanes this side, erplanes that side, 2, 3, H, I, J, K, M, O, P, Q! GO FAST!" "ooooohhhhh noooooo Mommy!"

Then he said, "All done Mommy! W, X, Y, Z!" "Let's go play cars Mommy!"

Clearly, he was having a blast with his imagination.

Yesterday, he was at the table with his box of crayons and I thought he wanted to color. But instead, he spent 30 minutes moving the crayons around the table like a train. He'd say, "ooooh no! blue, sorry pink!" "here comes red....vroommmmm!" I was dying. But as always, the minute I try to get any of it on video, he clams up. BOO!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Music to My Ears

Today while I was getting William dressed for church, he gave me a spontaneous hug. He does this often and I relish the moment every single time. It is almost always followed by a kiss and him saying "ummmmm, mah!"

This morning, the moment was even more precious than all the times before. William threw his hands around my neck and in his quiet, baby voice, he sang in my ear.

"I uve yu, a bushall an peck, bushall an peck, an hug on neck. Hug on neck an heep...."


Oh William - You bet your pretty neck I love you too!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, March 9, 2009

Our POPS comes to Washington, D.C.

Pops and William!

Waiting for Pop's airplane to arrive!

Pops came to visit for a long weekend! We had a super time and William couldn't get enough of his granddad. We headed to the airport on Wednesday afternoon to pick Pop's up and the whole way there William was smiling and saying, "Pops erplane landing!" We arrived ahead of schedule and William marched right over to his usual set of windows and started his never ending commentary about the goings on of National Airport. Among the chit-chat was "blue wing, tail up, bye-bye erplane, erplane landing you hear brakes? see big rig, seat belts off, erplane wheels up fast, Pop's erplane?" And it continued until I saw Pop's American Airlines plane coming to the gate. William was fired up and we ran over to the arrival area as fast as a 2 year old can run. We saw Pop's and William's eyes became as big as saucers! He said, "POPS! Blue shirt, big boots! suitcase. seat belt off." Apparently, my boy is quite a fashion expert.

Pop's is really here! Who looks more excited?

William was eager to show Pop's his train table when we got home. Pops helped us get the final bridges and houses put together and the two of them had fun watching Thomas go around the tracks.

Then it was time to race cars.

On Saturday, we headed for Fredericksburg where we toured George Washington's childhood home.

Taking an early nap on the road while clutching the every popular toy bag.

Reading up on George Washington's home.

We also walked around the quaint downtown streets of Fredericksburg, got a few treats, drove through a battlefield, and headed home later that evening.

Standing in front of the dirt mound that has recently been found as evidence of George's real home floor plan.

We were so happy to see Pops and I know William was SO EXCITED to see him in person. I am forever thankful and comforted knowing that William truly loves his grandparents. More importantly, I feel so complete when I see William's face light up with joy when he sees his Pops, his Bebe, his Bubba and his Gram. Family is priceless.

UPDATE: Pops left yesterday morning. Today while William and I were outside, he started talking about Pops again. Out of nowhere he said, "Pops red black shirt." And then, he went back to throwing sticks in the creek. As you can see from the photos above, Pop's was indeed sporting a red and black shirt. Amazing what a toddler can remember!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Miss Elin Ryan's first few minutes in the real world!

It's a Girl! Congratulations Ryan and Jessica!

Miss Elin Ryan Johnston

I have a new niece!
Elin was born on Tuesday, March 3, 2009.

Ryan and Jessica are so in love with their sweet baby girl who came into the world at
6 lbs, 9 ounces and 19 inches long!

I am so excited! Megan

Monday, March 2, 2009

Flying down the mountain on our boom-d-a-ah-too!

Well, we woke up this morning to 5 inches of snow on the ground! So, we couldn't resist our first chance to get outside and introduce William to speed sledding. We met some neighborhood kids out on the hill behind our house and gave it a go. Dan got some funny shots of William and I flying down the hill! I am not sure if William will ever trust me again....he laughed on the first ride down, but was definitely not willing to get back on the sled. Oh well, there is always next time!

This reminds me of a song my Dad use to sing to me when I was a little kid learning to ski...

"I went flying down the mountain on my boom-d-a-ah-too! My boom-d-a-ah-too, My boom-d-a-ah-too, ah-too, ah-too!"

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