Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall Festival 2009

Last Sunday was the Fall Festival at our church. William wore his pilot costume and received tons of compliments and a few salutes! Several people asked him what airline he worked for and he answered, "American Airlines" or "United" depending on his mood.

I showed William pictures from last year's festival and so he was totally pumped to try the games again and win prizes. I showed him several pictures and one was a game where you turn over a numbered duck and select a prize from the bin with the matching number. For some reason, this is the game that stuck in his mind. We had to play it first!

William also played Plinko, air baseball, toss the ball in Dr. Seuss' hat, a ring toss

and then he saw.........the bounce house. William has NEVER EVER wanted anything to do with a bounce house. But a lot can happen in a year. He saw a few of his buddies from preschool jumping around inside a bounce house that had a slide. After watching for awhile, he told me he wanted to go inside the bounce house with his friends! So, I took off his pilot costume and he jumped inside like it was Christmas. He never looked back. I'm telling you, he LOVED LOVED LOVED it. He bounced, he climbed, he went down the slide a million times! He had a total blast.

When it was time to leave, he cried so hard. It was sad but we were among a small pack of people who shut the place down! I'm so happy he tried a new experience and I know we'll be bouncing a bunch in the future!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

WBB is "da bomb!"

Bebe and Pops sent William this cool bomber jacket to wear in case it's cold on Halloween night. At first, William just looked at it and asked me what all the patches meant. He grinned ear to ear as he listened and then noticed the airplane charm hanging from the zipper. He was sold.

I told him that he could wear it whenever he wants and he took that to mean all evening long in just his t-shirt and underwear. I kept asking if he was hot, but he insisted that he wasn't and happily flew his collection of airplanes around the room.

Yesterday he told me, "Mom Mom, this is a bomber jacket not an American Airlines jacket." "I need to wear my pilot costume for Halloween. You can just look at the bomber jacket."
Nevertheless, we'll have Captain Barron in his full uniform come Halloween night.

Thanks Bebe and Pops! You "da bomb!"

Monday, October 26, 2009

"Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking..."

Halloween 2009 - Captain William Bradley Barron, Airline Pilot.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Just Talkin'

I mentioned to William that I just bought our tickets to Oklahoma for Christmas.

William: We flying on American Airlines Mom Mom?
Mama: No, this time we are flying on Southwest.
William: Oh man. Continental has sunshine on the tail and Southwest does not.
Can William sit by the window seat and watch the tail go up, up, up? and POOF! Take off!
Mama: Oh sure, you can sit by the window.
William: When's Christmas?
Mama: Not for a long time, so we have to use our patience.
William: Mom, Mom, oh man. I want to take the elevator to Christmas. Maybe take a night night rest and then Christmas.
Mama: Well, we have to take a bunch of night night rests before Christmas.
William: Christmas is tar, tar, away (far, far away) in Oklahoma with Kite Park.
Mama: Yes William, that is exactly right.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Say Cheese!

Today is picture day at preschool. Here's my handsome little boy all ready to go! He practiced saying "cheese" on the drive to school. Oh, and told me that he's not taking a nap today. hmmmm.

Monday, October 12, 2009

House Guests

I have been bad at blogging the last couple of weeks! Dan and I went to NYC with some friends 2 weekends ago and my parents came to watch William. We had a great time in the Big Apple and saw Mary Poppins and Jersey Boys on Broadway.

Then this weekend, we had company come visit us! Ryan, Jessica and Baby Elin came for 4 days to live it up in the nation's capitol.

We had a great time! I got a babysitter for 2 evenings and the adults were able to hit the town for a steak dinner one night and french food the next. We rode the metro into D.C. and showed them Dan's office, toured several monuments, walked around the Capitol grounds, visited the Smithsonians and ate ourselves silly.

The one thing I really failed at was taking pictures of the kids! What????? I never forget to snap pics of the kids! I know, I out of character. However, I did manage to take a few good pictures of the Johnston family and then Ryan took some great pictures of the monuments.

William loved having Elin visit us. The first thing he said to her was "welcome to William's house baby Elin!" and then he proceeded to bring over several of his trucks and books and repeat, "how about this one baby Elin. You like this one?" Then he'd get down at her level (the ground on his tummy) and just smile at her and if she cried, he'd gently lean in towards her face and say, "Baby Elin, it's gonna be ok." Just precious to watch if you ask me!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Just Talkin'

There is a pizza in the oven and William walks into the kitchen.

William: Mom Mom, what's in the oven?
Mama: Look in there and guess!
William: Stand back Mom Mom it could be very hot. It could be a flu shot or a bag of M&Ms or maybe something like a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch.......

Pumpkin Patch!

Today was a FABULOUS fall day! The leaves were falling and there was a slight chill in the air that comes when fall is blowing into town! I told William we'd go to the pumpkin patch after school today and he could pick out a "spookie" for $1. Spookies are the tiny, baby pumpkins at our nearby patch. He was excited and told me that he needed to wear his pumpkin shirt so he'd match the patch! I thought that was funny but then again, this mama LOVES a holiday with a theme outfit!

I promptly picked him up at 2 o'clock and the first thing he said was, " mom mom, let's go get a spookie!" We were off to the patch! After looking around and inspecting all the plump pumpkins for picking, William settled on a spookie. He held on to his pumpkin while he walked and around and then......he saw the corn. He gave up his spookie for an ear of corn. What a guy.

I tried to lure him back to buying a spookie, but he was dead set on the corn. So, he gave the cashier a dollar and we headed home!

I am sure this will be the first of several trips to the pumpkin patch!
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