Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Play Ball!

William and Dan like to attend the ORU baseball games. Dan gets the company box seats and ends up taking William to most evening weekday games. But on Sunday, he happened to have enough tickets for the whole Barron crew.

So we packed up and made it to the ballpark for the last 2 or 3 innings......plenty of time to soak up some of scene before the kids lost interest. William is playing baseball this year with his school, so he had lots of logistical questions. Adeline sat quiet as a mouse and watched the game. It is rare for that gal to sit still!

When the game was over, we walked around ORU, took a break in the student center and then headed to a shady spot where Dan and William practiced playing catch. I suited up at the end and ran a few bases while William practiced tagging me "out."

We were beat by evening!

Monday, April 29, 2013

The trio

Here's the best picture I could get the other day on the front porch.  Adeline was bead-dazzled in her fine necklace and William looked like he was in pain....but, we got 'er done!

William 6, Adeline 2 and Anna 7 months.

Anna Elizabeth is 7 months old

This month Anna, you are 7 months old! 

You are 17 pounds 2 ounces and 27 inches long.  You wear a size 9-12m clothing and a size 4 diaper.  Your hair is slowly coming in and seems to be blonde with a hint of light red, "strawberry blonde."  Your eyes are still bright blue and you are talking, cooing and shrieking more and more!

You love to eat baby food and there really isn't a food you detest.  Of course, you love all the fruits, but you do seem to enjoy all the orange tinted veggies as well.  This is a little problematic considering the orange veggies can tint your skin!  Nevertheless, you gobble it all up and more often than not, you will eat 2 cartons of baby food for each meal.  Your bottles have gone back down to about 4 ounces at a time, but that is normal since you now have food at your disposal.

Sleep......on my sweet Anna.  Sleep.  It's a toughy at night.  You go to bed without a problem around 8 or 9pm.  Your best stretch of sleep is from the time to go to bed until sometime between midnight and 3am.   At this point, you will wake up looking for me and Dada.  You are not hungry, but you cry and cry wondering where we are and why you are in your bed.  We also want to sleep, so most every night you end up in our bed.  Your little head hits our pillows and you sink back into a deep sleep.  However, you move your hands around feeling your way towards us.  Then one of your hands holds onto Dada and the other holds onto me.  You sleep so still until 7am.  Most people would be aghast that you end up in our bed, but I don't care one bit.  In fact, I love it.  You are only so tiny for such a short time, and I relish your babyhood.  No matter the challenge, I never ever wish a single second of your babyhood away.  I love it.  I love you.  I know you will outgrow this phase, so for now, I look forward to my 3am wake up call.

At 7 months, you sit up and play easily.  You love it when I pile up toys in your lap so you can grab them, study them, chew on them and talk to them.  Your face lights up with a huge grin the second you see or hear Adeline and William.  Your eyes track their every move.  William can make you belly laugh so hard even when he's not doing anything but sitting still on the floor with you.  Adeline LOVES you to pieces too.  She mimics our "baby talk" voices and she gets right up in your face every single morning with, "Anna Baby!  You sleep good sweet girl?"  There's always the same sound in her voice as if she's trying to talk to you like a real Mama.

You still hate your car seat, but Dada just changed it tonight.  He set up Adeline's old seat for you which means the infant carrier is done.  I can't wait to see how you like your new ride! 

You are also very tolerant of my daily routine with your siblings.  We are in the car alot and have sports after school for a few hours, but you are a champ.  You love to sit on a blanket in the grass and watch William practice and you stretch out and watch the world around you.  You are very aware of sounds and people. You don't mind if others hold you, but I can tell your eyes sorta panic until you spot me nearby.

At 7 months, you are a happy, smiling little lady.  You make our lives so much fun and we are so very grateful for you!  You are the delight of my heart and the greatest gift of my life.

Monday, April 22, 2013

The wedding of Q and U

Today was the kindergarten wedding for the letters "Q" and "U." The girls dressed like queens and the boys dressed like quarterbacks.

It was a really cute event. The kids walked down the aisle and took their seats while one teacher acted as the "Q" and the other, a "U." They were married in a quaint and quick service. The kiddos watched the letters drive away in a "Just Married" car before returning to their classrooms for refreshments.

William was really glad that I could come and watch. He loved wearing a football jersey and told me he wanted to wear it all day even though it was free dress day at school.

Happily Ever After!!!!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Camping out for soccer

William has started baseball and soccer practices at Holland Hall. Both events take place on Thursdays after school. So, this means the girls and I get to camp out on the field for 2 hours and cheer on our star player, WBB!

It can be a long 2 hours so we bring a large variety of activities to keep the girls interested. Adeline loves to run around and cheer for William while Anna enjoys sitting in the grass with her toys.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Waiting on the Tooth Fairy

William has been waiting for the Tooth Fairy since the beginning of Kindergarten.  Several of his classmates have lost their first tooth and oh my, what a big deal!!! 

The front left baby tooth on the bottom row of William's mouth has been loose forever.  I mean, FOREVER.  In fact, the adult tooth that is suppose to take it's place, came in right behind the baby tooth.  As you can imagine, William's mouth looked kinda funny but only when you asked him to open wide and show you the adult tooth.

Nevertheless, he's worked hard at wiggling that baby tooth and wishing that it would just fall out so HE could join the toothless club (all in good fun) at school.  Monday night during dinner, William told me his tooth was REALLY REALLY close to coming out.  I thought for sure he'd freak out at the thought of pulling out his tooth, seeing blood and tasting the small space where his tooth once lived......so, I have been bracing myself for weeks.  I was mentally prepared to calm him down and get through it........

and then the kiddo casually came up to be and said, "Mom, look I got it!"  He was beaming.  No blood.  No tears.  Just a proud, proud William Barron with one less pearly white in his big ol' smile. 

For a second, I thought he was kidding because it just happened to be April Fools Day.

Then I was the one who freaked.  I jumped up and down, clapped my hands, smiled, laughed, high fived, jumped some more, hugged him, and probably looked ridiculous.  But, I didn't care.  I was SO thrilled for him. 

Before I could even come down from my last jump, William was in his room searching for a bag to put his tooth in for the Tooth Fairy.

William:  "Mom, we have to find a bag now.  I have to put my tooth in a bag under my pillow so the Tooth Fairy will come tonight."
Me:  "No problem.  How about this one?  It's small enough for a tooth but big enough for money."
William:  "Ok.  Mom, do you think the Tooth Fairy comes to see every kid who looses a tooth like Santa does?"
Me:  "I think she probably only comes to the kids who brush their teeth every night."
William: "Ok then.  I am going to brush my teeth now."  "Mom, everyone says the Tooth Fairy comes the first time with a lot of money or a prize because your first tooth is worth the most."
Me:  "Oh wow.  That sounds really exciting.  Like how much did your friends say the Fairy brings?"
William:  "Like 5 dollars."

After we got the tooth settled under the pillow, William and I decided to trick Dada.  Since it was April Fools Day, we came up with a conversation that would surprise Dada and let William reveal his lost tooth in a fun way.  William was SO thrilled with his idea.  He was onboard and rehearsed the conversation while he took a bath.

Me:  "Oh William, it sure would have been cool if you had lost your tooth on April Fools Day."
William:  (hanging his head in disappointment) "I know it.  Me too.  I am so disappointed."
(then quickly raising up his head and giving a smile) "APRIL FOOLS!  I LOST MY TOOTH!"

When Dada got home, we started our conversation.  Dada interjected with "It's ok Buddy.  The tooth will come out when it's ready."  And after that, William busted out with the APRIL FOOLS! 

Dada was tricked and we all got a kick out of it.  That night, the Tooth Fairy came to William's room.  William was sound asleep clutching his bag in his hands but she was able to leave William $6 and a tooth-rific note congratulating him on being 6 years old when he lost his first tooth.

I woke William up the next morning and he immediately looked inside his bag.  He was delighted to see a note and the $6.  I told him he was rich, but he said, "Mom, I can't be rich.  I am only a kid."

He was excited to get to school because when you loose a tooth, you take it for show and tell.  When I picked him up, he was carrying the Tooth Fairy journal.  Boy, he was thrilled and super proud.  William didn't even take his coat off when we got home.  He was too excited to work on his entry in the Tooth Fairy journal.  The journal question is, "What does the Tooth Fairy do with your tooth?" 

William immediately decided that she makes toy trucks and bouncy balls.  He drew a detailed conveyor belt and different machines that turn the tooth into the toys. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Easter 2013

We had a very fun Easter weekend in OKC with my family. 

Anna's First Easter!

William didn't have school on Friday, so we headed to OKC early and arrived with plenty of time for the kids to hit the Omniplex Science Museum.  Dan was in charge of William and Adeline at the museum while I took Anna with me on a few errands.

Friday night we headed to Charlestons for dinner and then Dan, Rachel and I hit the outlet mall.  We had a great time and got a big laugh when Dan "I never shop" Barron arrived at the car with 7 shopping bags.  He even rubbed it in our faces with a big, "GIRLS! LOOK WHO HAULED IN THE SHOPPING BAGS.  I SMOKED YA!" 

Saturday, Dan, Pops and I took the kids to the OKC Zoo.  We had a great time.  The OKC zoo is better than Tulsa and the elephant pavilion is outstanding.  All the "popular" animals were outside and the kids had fun seeing the elephants, monkeys and tiger up close and personal.  After a few hours, Adeline ran herself silly and took a nap in the stroller while Pops and William feasted on some ice cream.  It was a beautiful day for our outing and by 1pm, we were ready to go.

We took a brief break back at the house before heading to the park for a family Easter picnic.  Bebe went out of her way to make our Easter picnic super fun.  We had fried chicken, butter sandwiches, fruit and a bunny cupcake cake.  The kids spent most of the time on the playground until Bebe busted out the bunny pinata.  It was hilarious to watch the kids swing at the bunny with a plastic bat.  They took the whole thing SO seriously.  After awhile, the bunny broke and the kiddos went wild for the candy.

Sunday we all got ready for church and headed to St. Luke's Easter service.  After church, we met Mac and Meme at the house for brunch.  Time with family is priceless.  Especially the moments we share with my grandparents who are my childrens' great grandparents. 

Happy Easter!
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