Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Occupation Day

Today was Occupation Day in Preschool 4s.  Adeline absolutely loves to watch The Kids Baking Championship show on the Food Network and she adores baking in the kitchen.  So it was only fitting that she go as The Kids Baking Champion.  We had the apron and tray.  So I let her pick out two treats from the Reasors bakery as props.  This morning was the school parade and she was the line leader for her class.  The kids all walked the halls and toured the classrooms to show off their costumes and job aspirations.   Adeline was so proud and excited.  Cutest baker in town! 

Boy Scouts and Basketball

William attended the blue and gold banquet for scouts in Pack 44 who were crossing over into Boy Scouts from Cub Scouts.  He got to hold the props for the sacred ceremony and afterwards, he tried on a few headdresses with his buddy, William Paul. 

William plays basketball with Upward Sports.  This year was his second year to play with the same team and they ended the season undefeated!  It was pretty exciting to watch.  Go Gamestoppers!  William had a great season with 13 baskets.  Well done WBB.  

Winter portraits

William 9, Adeline 4.5 and Anna 3.5.  

Camera pictures fall and winter 2016

William is 9!

William turned 9 and celebrated with a slumber party.  He had a few friends to the house and they played outside. Then we went to the movies and saw Kungfu Panda III.  The boys all sat a few rows in front of me and the acted pretty cool and smooth without mom next to them!  We came home for cake and presents and then they partied until midnight.  

In the morning, we had a big birthday breakfast and everyone hung out until 11am.  William said he had the best time and he wants to have the same party next year.  I am so glad the whole weekend was just what he wanted and brought him great joy!   It was fun for Dada and me, but it also took me 2 days to recover.  

Happy Birthday William!  You are every bit of wonderful and the smartest kid I know.  May you always hold tight to your kind heart, practical mind and your love for books. Your life is full of promise and it's been my greatest privilege to be your mom.   

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