Friday, February 27, 2015

Pretty winter days on the driveway

Sleeping sisters. 3.5 yrs and 2.5 years.

2015 Pinewood Derby First Place!

Guess who won 1st place in the Boy Scout pinewood derby!!!!!  William and Dada pulled it out in a heated race off against another car during the finals.  William was busting out of his skin with excitement.  He came so close to a trophy last year, and I will admit I wanted so badly for him to place in the race.  It didn't matter to me 1st, 2nd or 3rd.  I just wanted him to win.  Not in a competive way, but more so for him to have his moment in the sun.  He's never won a trophy for a contest.  Just the mom in me.  I wanted that win as much as he did and my goodness! He did it!!!  During the run off race for 1st place, all the boys gathered around William chanting "William! William!" He was beaming and it was such a testimony to who William is and showed me just how much his friends really value him.  Proud moment for mom.  

Dan was helping out on the stage and I could tell he was kind of nervous about the race. But when William's car crossed the finish line first, there was beaming smile across dada's face and he watched William accept the trophy with a proud sense of accomplishment.  

William's car also came in 4th overall.  A big deal considering there were over 28 cars in the race.  

Happy 8th Birthday William!

William turned 8!   He wanted a boys only party at Orange Leaf.  Easy!  So we had all the 2nd grade boys come by OL after school on Friday the 7th.  Everyone commented on what a great idea it was to have an ice cream party and all the kids had a blast.  It was 45 minutes of fun and William was thrilled!   That Friday was also out of uniform day, so all the boys wore their favorite sports team to school hence the Baylor gear.   Happy birthday to you William!  You are the delight of my heart and my proudest achievement.  You are kind, thoughtful, wicked smart and a loyal friend.  You love your sisters deeply and treasure weekend fun with your family.   We are grateful for you buddy.  I love you deeper than the ocean, longer than time and more than you will ever know.  Here's to 8!   It's been GREAT! 

We also went to OKC for the weekend so we could celebrate William and Meme. They share a birthday.  93 and 8.  What an honor to have these years together.  William also got to go to a Thunder game while we were home.  Happy Birthday!

Anna Bee Buzzing around town

Mr. Smooth Hot Hoops Basketball 2015

William played basketball this year with Upward Basketball.   His coach was our next door neighbor, Carter Marsh.  The boys on the team were really nice and attend Lee elementary.  William had a great time making new friends and playing 8 games.  The Hot Hoops only lost one game all season.   These boys play really well together!

William received his award on the last game day.   He is "Mr. Smooth" for keen precision on the court and always staying under control.  He was sooo thrilled and proud.  Great job buddy!

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