Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wheels up for the Heartland!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Eagle Eyes

So, we've come to the realization that at age 2.5 years, WBB knows many airline companies and can identify them by their individual tail designs.

It doesn't matter if they are on the ground parked at the gate, in line for take off or up in the sky - yes, that is right. I said up in the sky and I am talking up in the sky after take off and before they hit the clouds. He knows them people. And, he will call them out correctly 99% of the time.

Delta, American or "Letter A airlines," Continental, United, Us Airways, Thomas Cook (international), Midwest, and Frontier.

He will almost always ask us "you think it is a commuter jet?" or "you think it is a 747 jumbo jet?"

We'll be outside or in the car and more often than not, he'll look up in the sky and say, "use your patience mama. think you can see an airplane?" and if we see one, he'll start asking, "so you think it's American airlines or Delta?" or whatever plane company he's thinking about at the time. If he can spot the tail, he'll tell you for sure.

It's a wonder.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Leave a comment

I am curious who really reads my blog. So, if you keep up with the thrilling life of the Barrons, leave a comment for me under "comments" at the end of this posting. I'd love to know!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just Talkin'

Mama: How old is Dada?
William: Dada is 2.

Mama: Where does Dada work?
William: At church

Mama: What is Dada's favorite color?
William: Blue

Mama: What car does Dada drive?
William: Jeep

Dada: Who is Dada's baby, son and little boy?
William: William

Dada: Who is Megan?
William: Mama

Mama: What is Dada's favorite food?
William: Sandwiches

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tikes on trikes

Carrie called this morning to say that Ava really wanted to go fishing with her Barbie fishing rod. She suggested that we humor the sweet little lady by letting the kiddos ride their trikes to Shirlington (our urban living shopping/dining area about a half mile away), eat lunch and "go fishing" in the creek.

Usually when we go to Shirlington (average 2 times a day or so), William rides in his little red push car and Ava pedals her trike. This time, I thought William might want to try his own trike that has been stored in the basement. It's not that he's opposed to the trike, but I always just seem to grab the red car because it is easy to push and he loves it. But, he was fired up to ride his trike because it matched Ava's bike. The only thing is that he noticed right off that his trike didn't have a bell like Ava's.

The kids had a great time riding their trikes and William did a super job steering his handle bars for the first time. All I had to say was "watch the road" and he'd quickly steer left or right as to stay on the trail.
We hit the playground and then went to Bear Rock Cafe for lunch. After fueling up our tummies, the tikes headed to the creek on the side of the road (it's actually a recycled rainwater waterfall system, no fish) where Ava cast a few lines into the sea and William threw rocks.

Twas a satisfactory day for two tikes on trikes.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Radio the Control Tower!

So, I am sitting upstairs checking my email and William is busy flying airplanes between his room and our room. Here is the play by play as told by first officer, William Barron:

"Start your engines 747 jumbo jet! And we're off. Mama, watch me do a flip (turns airplane upside down in the sky) and then we fly up high like this to grow big and strong and then up, up, up oh no! crash!!! Yeah, we are taking off!"

He lands all the airplanes on the bed rail at the foot of our bed. It makes the perfect runway. He continues to make the sound of an airplane out loud and the commentary continues:

"I hear the poof Mama! (that's when the airplane lands on the runway and you see the smoke of the tires) Watch the smoke come out Mama! And up to the blue sky over by Mr. Golden Sun. Look Out! He's hot! I'm turning in a circle Mama. Watch me turn in a circle with my airplane. I am getting dizzy everybody! We are moving Mama (he's dizzy and on the floor). Look at me, I am going to make a bridge for Thomas and Percy (spreads legs apart as a bridge). In coming jumbo jet! It's kinda chilly. Feel my hand Mama, it's chilly and my airplane is kinda low but some are high. I am going to the gate now Mama. Watch this one take off in the air and leave the tug on the ground at the gate. Watch me land on the big bridge. Oh, see the bird look out airplane! Into the tunnel like a big boy and I need some milk Mama."

He's beaming a smile the whole time!

How do you not laugh out loud?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Broadmoor 2009

Seconds after surprising Pops that we were all on vacation together!

We just returned from a fabulously fun trip to The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs! Bebe decided to surprise Pops for their 38th wedding anniversary, so she devised a plan to get all of us (Ryan's family, my family and Rachel's family) to the Broadmoor without my dad knowing. We spent 4 months keeping the trip a secret and it was challenging to talk to my dad on the phone without spilling the beans.

The Broadmoor is a special place for my family because we have so many fond memories of vacationing there as kids. We are a "rocky mountain high" group, so Colorado was always our annual family trip. So, when we had the chance to go back to such a wonderful hotel, everyone was jumping out of their skin with excitement.

The plan was for us to arrive on Thursday with Rachel and head straight to the hotel swimming pool where my dad would be lounging clueless in the sun. The plan went off without a hitch. When we got to the pool, my dad was as planned, asleep on the lounge chair. William marched right up to his ear and in his loudest 2 year old voice, William shouted, "HI POPS!" My dad leaped out of his chair in shock! He was SO excited to see all of us standing there!

We waisted no time getting on our swim gear and enjoying everything the Broadmoor offers. The guys played golf every day (and John Trey arrived Friday - another surprise for Pops!), we all camped out at the family cabana and enjoyed the pool, water slides and food, we wandered around the Broadmoor compound, walked around the lake, ate ourselves silly at the great restaurants and piled up a ton of laughter!

There is nothing more fun than being with family and making memories. William was out of his mind with happiness the whole trip because he was with his Bebe and his Pops. His eyes lit up at the sight of Ryan, Jessica, Rachel, and Doc. And, he was enchanted by little baby Elin.

We had every intention of exploring Colorado Springs and going to the zoo, Pike's Peak and other attractions, but there is just never enough time. We were having such a blast at the hotel and playing together at the pool that we ran out of days! All the reason to go back again!

William continues to talk about "The Broadmur" and how he got to ride 2 airplanes to see his Bebe and Pops. He also has told me several times, "Mama, wanna ride 2 airplanes to "Calrado" and say "surprise Pops!" William can swim and Bebe be there?" I just smile and tell him that yes, I would love to go to The Broadmoor again too. It was certainly a wonderful treat and 4 days of memories I'll treasure forever.
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