Monday, September 29, 2008

So here's the deal. Why is it that every blogger has a "100 Things About Me" list? And have you ever tried to do one? I challenge you to try! It's actually pretty interesting to see what you're fingers seem to just type by themselves and you come up with this stream of consciousness.

1. I was born in Oklahoma City, OK.
2. My husband is from OKC, we grew up 10 minutes from each other, and didn't meet until we were in Washington, DC.
3. I am a middle child.
4. My husband and I both went to college in Texas.
5. One thing I would LOVE to do but know I never will accomplish - flying to the moon in the space shuttle.
6. I love to needlepoint and could stitch all day long in the silence of my house.
7. I quit the Junior League of NVA after one year.
8. If I were to come back to life as a food, I would be a peppermint pattie, carrots or an apple.
9. I went to the same school from preschool until 12th grade.
10. I like the aisle seat on an airplane. If I have to have the window, I like to fly with the shade down.
11. I really don't like to iron.
12. Fake flowers are the worst.
13. I love the feeling of cold air on my face in the fall and winter.
14. I regret having no interest in piano as a small child.
15. I would love to be a respected celebrity for a day.
16. I want to be a seat saver at the Oscars. How cool.
17. I eat apples on the left side of my cheek.
18. I drink way too much water and prefer it room temperature, no ice.
19. My grandparents are almost 90.
20. My favorite color is blue. Any shade.
21. I love stationery and can NEVER have enough.
22. I love to wear my pearls.
23. I always write thank-you notes.
24. I hate to be late. I think it is a sign of rudeness.
25. I continually teach my son manners.
26. I am a big time colonial nerd.
27. My husband is 5 1/2 years older than I am .
28. I am a stay at home mom to one little boy.
29. I really don't want a pet running around my house.
30. I spent 4 years in the White House on First Lady, X's staff as Special Assistant to the White House Social Secretary.
31. I have had lunch with First Lady X roughly 18 times.
32. My most prized possessions are my needlepoint projects and mementos from my years at the White House.
33. I directly managed every guest list and invitation mailing for the President and First Lady for 4 years.
34. I am a very loyal friend.
35. I gave Tom Selleck and family a tour of the U.S. Capitol
36. I absolutely cannot stand adults wearing Disney character clothing - especially embroidered on denim or tennis shoes.
37. I had a conversation with Julie Andrews and Jack Nicholson in the State Dining Room of the White House.
38. I love taking my child's picture, especially when they have no idea that I’m doing it.
39. I cannot say the word ambulance.
40. I am the worst speller I know.
41. I love the smell of my son's crib.
42. I am intent on raising a thoughtful and polite little boy who know that you are supposed to pick up after yourself and use your manners ALWAYS.
43. I am so afraid of not remembering every single detail of my boy’s childhood that I overcompensate by taking too many pictures.
44. No one will ever be able to put into the words the magnitude of love a mother feels for her child.
45. I love red shoes
46. I love anything with ribbons.
47. I really want to learn how to figure skate and do all the jumps.
48. I NEVER EVER NEVER NEVER want to forget the first minutes when my son was born.
49. I had home perms as a kid.
50. I believe in stem cell research.
51. I don't want to "settle down" in Northern Virginia.
52. I would like to invent something as obvious as the Post It Note or Velcro.
53. I had 3 kidney stones at once and survived near kidney failure.
54. I am waiting for my "ah-ha" moment where I realize my real purpose in life.
55. I wish I was a much better cook.
56. I am a registered Republican.
57. My husband is my favorite company.
58. I went 5 years without a car.
59. I like John Denver.
60. I hope with all my heart that I will know my grandchildren.
61. I had a math tutor all through middle and high school.
62. I performed a tap routine with my dance class on a boat at Disney World's Epcot Center.
63. I don't drink alcohol. Never have, don't care too.
64. I was in the movie, "My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys" with Kate Capshaw. My sister was in it too.
65. I rarely if ever wear high heels.
66. I want to live clutter free.
67. I like to dress my son in shortalls and smocked clothing. I know he's about reached the "too old for it" mark so I am enjoying the time I have now.
68. I never realized how sheltered I was until I went to College. But I think that’s a good thing in retrospect.
69. I believe in private education.
70. My Papa won a gold medal in the senior olympics.
71. I don't know how to text message or send pictures from my phone.
72. I will probably always have my fingernail issues.
73. I will monogram anything
74. My dad is still my hero.
75. I want my kids to learn how to snow ski.
76. I have never been to the Grand Canyon.
77. My deepest friendships are tied to people I have known since preschool.
78. I collect Mackenzie Childs.
79. I want a black and white checkered floor in my home's entry room.
80. I am not a fan of balloons.
81. I knew I was going to marry my husband after our 1st date.
82. I can not balance my check book, even if my life depended on it
83. I love to think about, plan and pick out my Christmas cards every year.
84. I think Ebay and Facebook are the internet's best tools.
85. I have never worn braces or eye glasses.
86. If I were to have a uniform for life, it would be dresses in blue, green, black, pink and white. Throw on a headband and a pair of comfy shoes. Give me a large zip top tote.
87. My sister and brother have no idea how much I love them and how I catch myself daydreaming about our childhood memories.
88. I don't drink coffee.
89. I don't read the newspaper.
90. I went on a 7 day Colorado Outward Bound trip.
91. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a judge. I even took a tour of the U.S. Supreme Court to learn more about my "dream job" at the time.
92. I am allergic to the drug, sulpha.
93. A tornado went down my street when I was not home ( I was in college) and luckily, my house was unharmed.
94. I do not light matches.
95. I have a love for baby clothes.
96. I buy magazines such as Family Circle, Cottage Living, People and Reader's Digest.
97. I have never been into buying music CDs or downloading music.
98. I have gone dove hunting and shot down a few birds in my day.
99. I don't know my real bra size.
100. I rehearse in my mind what I would take with me if I had to leave my home in a matter of seconds.
101. I stood alone in a corner at my wedding reception and cried for a moment as I watched everyone move around me in the room. This was probably the one and only time in my life where everyone I love was in the same room with me.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

WBB in August, 18 months

I had WBB's pictures taken by a friend in August. I just now got them back and here are a few. These were taken on a Virginia plantation - if only it was my home! It was gorgeous and a great setting for pictures. This particular day was really sunny, so it was hard to get the light just right. However, we ended up with a handful of cute pics - or so mom thinks!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First day at Mother's Day Out. 19 months

Today marked the first day of Mother's Day Out for William. He goes two days a week - Tuesday and Thursday from 10am until 2pm. It's at a wonderful church near our house. I taught Bible School there and William spent 5 days in the nursery which I thought would be helpful when it came to school!
He was fine this morning but the minute we drove up to the church he was asking repeatedly for DADA or BEBE - anyone to save him. He choked out a few "Byeeeees" and then burst into tears when I handed him over. I am sure he'll do great after he settles in! Mommy thought he looked cute and all grown up for 19 months. Where does the time go?

UPDATE: Just picked the kiddo up and they said he did great. He stopped crying and played...even slept on a mat for 1 hour. Shocker. He launched into my arms when he saw me and I had a prize for the Big Boy who survived his first day of school - 3 M&Ms. He put all 3 in his mouth and gave me a huge grin. I think he'll be just fine!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

August Vacation from Blogging!

Hey friends! I have not blogged in a month because we were traveling quite a bit in August. Now we are back and starting September with a bang! William's first day of Mother's Day Out is this Tuesday and YOU BET I will post a picture - backpack and all!

We were in OKC for a weeks in August and had a great time visiting family, friends and just relaxing. It's a great vacation for recharging my batteries!

Hope you all had a great summer and please check back. I will have some posts in the near future, I promise.
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