Sunday, April 6, 2014

Easter in OKC 2014

We had a wonderful Easter with my family in OKC.  We played with cousins and had a lovely day at Martin Nature Park and Playgrounds.  Then we went to church on Easter Sunday.  The kids went on an egg hunt in Pop's and Bebe's backyard.  I'll admit, I was a slacker this year on Easter baskets and fanfare.  I think I was tired from potty training Adeline and I just decided to make the holidays easy and carefree. 

Of course, nothing is easy and carefree about taking pictures of my trio.  I almost NEVER get one picture with all 3 smiling.  The Easter photo shoot was comical.  I don't think I got one good picture!  Anna wasn't interested, William was spaced out and Adeline barely made eye contact.  Such is life.....keeping it real even at the holidays.  So, here are some funny pictures from the 2 photo sessions that took place as I struggled to get ONE good photo.  Laughter is the best medicine.

And then I got as close to perfect as real life can offer.....



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