Sunday, June 1, 2014

On My Tiny Toes - Adeline's first ballet recital

Adeline takes ballet on Tuesdays at That's Dancing Studio.  She loves it and looks forward to Tuesday mornings every week.  Her dance class has been working on their recital piece called "On My Tiny Toes."  It's a sweet song and PERFECT for 3 year old ballerinas.

The dance recital rehearsal was Friday morning at 11am.  The hard part about a dance recital for any child who is 3 years old is the fact that they have NO CLUE what to expect regardless of how much you think you prepare them.  I talked and talked for weeks about what it means to perform in a dance recital.  We talked about the stage.  We talked about people watching and the bright lights.  We talked about loud music and how the stage was very different than the ballet studio.  For a 3 year old, it means nothing.  They don't get it.  I didn't think Adeline "got it" but I sure hoped my elaborate explanations would be enough to see us through the big day.

On rehearsal day, Adeline and I went to Tulsa Community College.  Their performing arts studio is huge - big stage, bright lights.  Totally professional.  Adeline was calm and cool.  She was also kind of confused.  She said, "Mom, I am doing Tiny Toes here? Where are my friends?"  I knew no amount of preparation was going to be sufficient.  I casually said, "Yes!  We get to watch you on the big stage. It's going to be so fun!"

When her group came out on the stage, Adeline was frozen.  She was so confused and I could tell the wheels in her head were spinning.  She could see me and William out in the audience taking pictures and waving at her.  She just froze.  She didn't move a muscle.  It was darling.  It was sad.  It was SO adorable and she looked SO PRECIOUS in her costume on that stage.  But I felt for her.  I knew she was scared and so nervous.

When it was over, William and I went to pick her up backstage.  We hugged her and told her how great she was on the stage.  Adeline just beamed and said, "thanks William. thanks mom.  can we go get something to eat now?"  ha!

Saturday was the recital.  Knowing how well Friday went, I was not expecting anything different on Saturday.  Sure enough, her group came out on stage and Adeline stood frozen.  She was scared and never looked up.  She kept her eyes glued to her tiny toes on that big ol' stage.  She was perfect and precious regardless. 

When it was over, I went backstage to get her and she ran into my arms.  She gave me the biggest hug and I just told her over and over again how proud we were to see her dance on the stage.  Adeline looked so tired.  She was mentally exhausted and bless her heart, why wouldn't she be?  Dada gave her beautiful pink flowers and William hugged her tight.

Adeline asked Dada to carry her to the car. 

Adeline, we are so proud of you.  You looked SO darling on that big stage.  It will be fun to watch you next year and see how much you improve!


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