Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Garden Fairies

Every year after Halloween, I buy lots of costumes at Walmart during their big holiday clearance.  This past fall, I scored a ton of matching sets or matching "theme" sets for the costume closet.  I tucked them all in a bin and put it under Anna's bed.  I forgot about it. 

Just the other day, guess who found the costumes?  "MOM!  HURRY!  What is this?  Did you know we have a treasure chest under Anna's bed?  WOW MOM!  Did you buy us all these costume?"  The joy on their faces was worth the find.  I explained to them that the costumes were for fun and we could try on a few of them, but that we needed to save a lot of them for Halloween and of course, winter when we are stuck inside looking for something to do. 

The girls could NOT stand it. They were dying to try on something.  Just anything!  We checked them all out and decided Garden Fairies were the perfect summer choice.  The girls were thrilled.  They kept telling each other how fabulous and beautiful they looked.  And they stared into the mirror for minutes at a time.  They flew around the house calling each other make believe names and spent hours making up imaginary stories about each other. 

We love a good costume around here!


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