Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring Sports Adeline starts soccer and William plays baseball - DUTCH RAINBOWS AND DUTCH BASEBALL

Adeline is on her first soccer team and guess who is coaching!?  ME!  So funny considering I have never played soccer in my life.  But, when you are 4, you don't care who is coaching because you don't even pay attention or try that hard!  We don't even keep score during the games.  It's been fun and her friends are really cute and love running around.  We are The Dutch Rainbows.  Adeline isn't all too interested in the game.  She kicks the ball and then says "oh man, that was close."  Or she gets tired of running and is hot.  Or she needs to know how much longer until its over.....lol.  Your typical 4 year old woes.   I have enjoyed coaching.  Mostly, I just teach the girls the basics of kicking into the goal, which direction we are going, where to stand, and most importantly, we have fun.  Her teammates are Ella Kate Herman, Morgan Lowery, Evy Elmberg, Lily Franden and Fia Groves.

William played baseball with his 2nd grade classmates.  They were The Dutch.  William was the best player on the team and I am not playing favorites.  He has worked so hard.  William asked to take baseball lessons last winter and so he's been practicing the game all year.   He played first base, pitcher and third base.  He even hit a home run!  The night he hit the home run, I was home with the girls but Dan got it on video.  I was so excited for him and decided to decorate the kitchen with signs.  He was thrilled when we got home.  His face never stopped smiling and he LOVED watching the video over and over again. 


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