Monday, September 29, 2008

So here's the deal. Why is it that every blogger has a "100 Things About Me" list? And have you ever tried to do one? I challenge you to try! It's actually pretty interesting to see what you're fingers seem to just type by themselves and you come up with this stream of consciousness.

1. I was born in Oklahoma City, OK.
2. My husband is from OKC, we grew up 10 minutes from each other, and didn't meet until we were in Washington, DC.
3. I am a middle child.
4. My husband and I both went to college in Texas.
5. One thing I would LOVE to do but know I never will accomplish - flying to the moon in the space shuttle.
6. I love to needlepoint and could stitch all day long in the silence of my house.
7. I quit the Junior League of NVA after one year.
8. If I were to come back to life as a food, I would be a peppermint pattie, carrots or an apple.
9. I went to the same school from preschool until 12th grade.
10. I like the aisle seat on an airplane. If I have to have the window, I like to fly with the shade down.
11. I really don't like to iron.
12. Fake flowers are the worst.
13. I love the feeling of cold air on my face in the fall and winter.
14. I regret having no interest in piano as a small child.
15. I would love to be a respected celebrity for a day.
16. I want to be a seat saver at the Oscars. How cool.
17. I eat apples on the left side of my cheek.
18. I drink way too much water and prefer it room temperature, no ice.
19. My grandparents are almost 90.
20. My favorite color is blue. Any shade.
21. I love stationery and can NEVER have enough.
22. I love to wear my pearls.
23. I always write thank-you notes.
24. I hate to be late. I think it is a sign of rudeness.
25. I continually teach my son manners.
26. I am a big time colonial nerd.
27. My husband is 5 1/2 years older than I am .
28. I am a stay at home mom to one little boy.
29. I really don't want a pet running around my house.
30. I spent 4 years in the White House on First Lady, X's staff as Special Assistant to the White House Social Secretary.
31. I have had lunch with First Lady X roughly 18 times.
32. My most prized possessions are my needlepoint projects and mementos from my years at the White House.
33. I directly managed every guest list and invitation mailing for the President and First Lady for 4 years.
34. I am a very loyal friend.
35. I gave Tom Selleck and family a tour of the U.S. Capitol
36. I absolutely cannot stand adults wearing Disney character clothing - especially embroidered on denim or tennis shoes.
37. I had a conversation with Julie Andrews and Jack Nicholson in the State Dining Room of the White House.
38. I love taking my child's picture, especially when they have no idea that I’m doing it.
39. I cannot say the word ambulance.
40. I am the worst speller I know.
41. I love the smell of my son's crib.
42. I am intent on raising a thoughtful and polite little boy who know that you are supposed to pick up after yourself and use your manners ALWAYS.
43. I am so afraid of not remembering every single detail of my boy’s childhood that I overcompensate by taking too many pictures.
44. No one will ever be able to put into the words the magnitude of love a mother feels for her child.
45. I love red shoes
46. I love anything with ribbons.
47. I really want to learn how to figure skate and do all the jumps.
48. I NEVER EVER NEVER NEVER want to forget the first minutes when my son was born.
49. I had home perms as a kid.
50. I believe in stem cell research.
51. I don't want to "settle down" in Northern Virginia.
52. I would like to invent something as obvious as the Post It Note or Velcro.
53. I had 3 kidney stones at once and survived near kidney failure.
54. I am waiting for my "ah-ha" moment where I realize my real purpose in life.
55. I wish I was a much better cook.
56. I am a registered Republican.
57. My husband is my favorite company.
58. I went 5 years without a car.
59. I like John Denver.
60. I hope with all my heart that I will know my grandchildren.
61. I had a math tutor all through middle and high school.
62. I performed a tap routine with my dance class on a boat at Disney World's Epcot Center.
63. I don't drink alcohol. Never have, don't care too.
64. I was in the movie, "My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys" with Kate Capshaw. My sister was in it too.
65. I rarely if ever wear high heels.
66. I want to live clutter free.
67. I like to dress my son in shortalls and smocked clothing. I know he's about reached the "too old for it" mark so I am enjoying the time I have now.
68. I never realized how sheltered I was until I went to College. But I think that’s a good thing in retrospect.
69. I believe in private education.
70. My Papa won a gold medal in the senior olympics.
71. I don't know how to text message or send pictures from my phone.
72. I will probably always have my fingernail issues.
73. I will monogram anything
74. My dad is still my hero.
75. I want my kids to learn how to snow ski.
76. I have never been to the Grand Canyon.
77. My deepest friendships are tied to people I have known since preschool.
78. I collect Mackenzie Childs.
79. I want a black and white checkered floor in my home's entry room.
80. I am not a fan of balloons.
81. I knew I was going to marry my husband after our 1st date.
82. I can not balance my check book, even if my life depended on it
83. I love to think about, plan and pick out my Christmas cards every year.
84. I think Ebay and Facebook are the internet's best tools.
85. I have never worn braces or eye glasses.
86. If I were to have a uniform for life, it would be dresses in blue, green, black, pink and white. Throw on a headband and a pair of comfy shoes. Give me a large zip top tote.
87. My sister and brother have no idea how much I love them and how I catch myself daydreaming about our childhood memories.
88. I don't drink coffee.
89. I don't read the newspaper.
90. I went on a 7 day Colorado Outward Bound trip.
91. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a judge. I even took a tour of the U.S. Supreme Court to learn more about my "dream job" at the time.
92. I am allergic to the drug, sulpha.
93. A tornado went down my street when I was not home ( I was in college) and luckily, my house was unharmed.
94. I do not light matches.
95. I have a love for baby clothes.
96. I buy magazines such as Family Circle, Cottage Living, People and Reader's Digest.
97. I have never been into buying music CDs or downloading music.
98. I have gone dove hunting and shot down a few birds in my day.
99. I don't know my real bra size.
100. I rehearse in my mind what I would take with me if I had to leave my home in a matter of seconds.
101. I stood alone in a corner at my wedding reception and cried for a moment as I watched everyone move around me in the room. This was probably the one and only time in my life where everyone I love was in the same room with me.


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