Friday, August 6, 2010

A whole lot of not much....

Since we were without power yesterday from 4pm until 1:30am, I killed some time by emailing myself pictures off my iphone.  I really only killed about 5 minutes, but felt productive nonetheless.  Pilot Barron spent the power outage playing "night time take offs" with his airplanes while sporting his pint sized head lamp.  Dada was no fool and stayed at the office a very long time embracing electricity.

Here are a few oldies but goodies from the camera phone.

1.  playing at the toy store
2.  skuutin' to shirlington
3.  yummy - popsicle
4.  showing off his new Playmobil jumbo jet
5.  waiting for the 77 ART bus to take us on a morning adventure


Rachel said...

oh he is just the best. i love every pic! i miss you all! sorry you have had to endure the heat with no AC, but thank goodness for ann and darian!

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