Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Eve 2010

As you already know, we spent Christmas Eve morning making our fabulous Christmas Colossal Cupcake.  Then at 4:30pm, we headed out to church so we could attend the 5pm Christmas Eve service.   I chose the early service because it had childcare and we'd be out in time to enjoy a nice dinner before coming home to "work" - wink, wink. 

This was our first time to be in DC for Christmas Eve at our church, so I wasn't exactly sure what to expect.  I took William down to childcare because I assumed our normal Sunday routine was the way to go.  However, Dan and I noticed that the 5pm service was much more "family friendly" with goodie bags to entertain the kids who stayed in the pews.  In fact, the whole service was about Christmas carols and communion, not a lengthy sermon.   Right before the service started, we made the quick decision to go grab William from childcare and let him sit with us in the pew.  He was really curious to sit with us and asked me, "is this where you go when I am at Church preschool?" - (his meaning of Sunday School).  He sat as quiet as a mouse and watched in wonder at the music, soloists, and all the fanfare.  I think he loved it. 

When it was time to walk to the front for communion, he followed us like an old pro.  He saw me take a tiny piece of "bread" (cracker) and instead of whispering, he told me flat out, "Mom, I am hungry.  Can I have one too?"  I cracked up and kept moving.  The last part of the service was the song Silent Night.  We each had a candle in a cup and during the song, the candle lighters came around and pasted the torch.  This part of the Christmas service is my favorite.  The candlelight is gorgeous and the sweet sound of Silent Night fills the sanctuary. 

Little did we know that William's cup had a crack in it.  The hot wax touched his hand and he jumped as high as a jack rabbit and let out a cry.  It wasn't so loud that people turned around, but I knew instantly what had happened.  Dan rushed him out of the sanctuary before William lost his mind with fright.  Thankfully it was the last song of the service and I met them out in the lobby.  William was all smiles and told me just what had happened and how Dada put cold water on his fingers to make it all better. 

As we pulled out of the parking lot, William threw in a few words of wisdom.  "You guys know what my favorite part of the Christmas service was?"  "It was walking in the long parade to the front of the church where I got that yummy cracker.  I would like to eat another one."

Such a bittersweet Christmas Eve for our little family of 3. I relish every second of our "lasts" with just William.  The time with him is so precious to me because he gave me the gift to become a mommy.  I am overjoyed with the pending arrival of our baby girl, and all the memories she'll bring to our lives.  However, there is just something about any "first" in life.  I can't explain it, but little William Barron has been my sidekick and best buddy for 4 years.  I can only imagine the JOY that awaits me with two little people to cherish.


meredith said...

ok...this made me teary! i can totally understand how you feel...because i've been there TWICE!!!!! definitely take every opportunity to relish your time with your first born...but you are going to be blown away at how much your love multiplies...and you will love that little bundle of pink just as much...even though it literally seems impossible!!!!
so glad christmas was a success...wish we could have been there to party with ya some!!!
happy new year...can't wait to meet that new baby girl!

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