Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Santa's Colossal Cupcake


This post is dedicated to the highly anticipated and eagerly requested COLOSSAL CUPCAKE FOR SANTA CLAUS.  You might recall my post about William seeing the commercial for this bad boy and he just HAD TO HAVE IT!  It was William's grand plan to make the enormous cupcake.  He specifically requested one for Santa and one for Baby Jesus.  Knowing how large the ol' cupcake would be, I tried my best to talk him into letting Santa and Baby Jesus share one big cupcake.  It took awhile to convince him, but in the end he was on board.

And we waited DAYS for the Christmas Eve morning to come around.  

William was SO PROUD when he woke up on Christmas Eve morning.  He knew EXACTLY what day it was and EXACTLY what project awaited him in the kitchen.  "Mom Mom, let's go downstairs and make my colossal cupcake.  Today is the day."

We'll just let the pictures tell the story.  


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