Saturday, July 20, 2013

Kanakuk Kampout!

William spent last week at Kanakuk Kampout at Kirk of the Hills church.  Both of us looked forward to this camp experience all summer.  Kanakuk Kampout is the day camp spin off of the Kanakuk overnight camp in Branson, MO.  Kampout travels across the Midwest and hosts a week long Kanakuk experience at various churches.

I first learned about Kampout when I took Adeline to summer camp at Kirk last summer.  I noticed the parking lot was covered in bounce houses, water slides, a zip line, archery targets, a bungee trampoline and obstacle courses.  I remember thinking "What in the world? How fun!" and then I learned Kampout was in town!  I was so sorry that I missed the sign ups last summer because I knew William would LOVE it.  Especially since it was not an overnight thing.  So this year, I was quick on the trigger and enrolled William the minute the camp opened. 

William had THE BEST time.  He LOVED every single activity.  I was holding my breath that he'd even try the zip line or the bungee trampoline....he is not first in line for those activities.  But, I am telling you, the kiddo stepped right up and gave it a whirl.  He told me how exciting it was to do a back flip on the trampoline and he told me he was kind of afraid when the zip line started but it was really cool to fly through the air.  I was so proud!

The camp was 9-4pm and each day William was a sweaty, tired mess at pick up!  He never stopped moving and played his heart out.  He told me his favorite parts were the skits, the worship songs and time on the water slides.

Friday was the awards ceremony for each "tent," or group of kids with a counselor.  William was in tent 2 and his counselor was Austin.  Austin awarded William the MIGHTY IN SPIRIT award.  You should have seen William's face.  He was SO thrilled to win a ribbon.  Austin presented his a certificate that read:

Wise and Gentle, MIGHTY IN SPIRIT awarded to William Barron.  "William is a sweet, sensitive young man.  He always tried to help others and encourage them.  He answered all the questions during Bible study and was very respectful.  Matthew 5:16

Way to go William!  Kanakuk Kampout, we'll see you again next summer!


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