Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Anna Elizabeth is 10 months old







Anna Baby!  You are 10 months old.  10 months too big and THE DELIGHT OF MY HEART!

This month has been super exciting for you.  You can stand up from a seated position and hold the pose for awhile before you loose your balance.  You discovered two push toys in the house and YOU LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to walk around the house while driving the toys.  The smile on your face is priceless and oh my goodness, you howl and laugh in pure delight of this new trick.  You are SO pleased to discover your legs can move!  William and Adeline think your walking talents are fantastic.  You can keep up with them and you are so fast!  Adeline doesn't like it when you want to push her doll stroller, but that's ok.  You get over it pretty quick when I give you another toy to push around the house.  The giggles and the belly laughs are music to my ears.

You love to stand up and cruise furniture, toy baskets, bed rails and whatever else gives you an "edge" to hold onto. 

Bebe taught you to clap your hands too.  If we say,  "Anna, clap your hands!" You immediately clap your hands and smile ear to ear.  It's precious to watch.

I am unsure of your weight because we didn't have a 9 month doctor's appointment.  You wear a size 5 diaper and your clothing is anywhere from 9-12 months.  You can still wear some 6-9 month things too.  Your eyes are as blue as the ocean and so many people stop to admire them.  Your hair is coming in slowly but it is getting thicker on top.  So far, the undertones are red but the ends of the hair strands are blonde. 

Your teeth are coming in swiftly!  This past month you have had 2 bad colds and I attribute them to your teeth coming in.  One cold led to the start of an ear infection but we quickly got you on some medicine to ease the pain.  Because of the congestion, there were many nights when you didn't sleep well at all.  Bless your heart.  You couldn't breath, your teeth hurt, you were just clearly uncomfortable.  Dada and I were up a lot in the night trying to help you!  Once you started your medicine and I began giving you teething tablets, we started to see results.  Thankfully, the worst is behind you.  Your top two front teeth came in together (big and painful) as well as a couple teeth in the back of your mouth. 

This month you also have shown interest in table food.  You still eat baby food, but you like to serve yourself.  Often times, this idea leads to a very dirty Anna Baby!  So, I have started giving you the squeeze packs of fruits and veggies.  You like to hold these and feed yourself.  The squeeze packs have cut back on the mess!  I have also given you bites of bread, black beans, cheese, cheerios, a plum, a banana and some mac and cheese.  You like everything but the banana.  I think you have been talking to Adeline about bananas because to this day, your sister hates them. 

Summer camp is over now.  Your teachers loved you and said you are very active and curious.  You hardly sleep a wink at school but when I pick you up, you are still so happy.  Sometimes you fall asleep on the car ride home and other days you go the distance until bedtime.  And oh my, that is a long day for you!

Another favorite activity is swimming.  You love the water.  I don't have pictures of you in the water because I tend to take you to the pool without Dada.  Or when Dada comes, I totally forget to bring the good camera.  But, by summer's end, I will document your pool time!  You sometimes like riding around the baby pool in your boat.  Other times, you prefer standing up by the side (with my right by you!) and splashing in the water.  At the spray park, you LOVE to sit up close by the fountain and reach out to touch the water as it sprays you.  You laugh and laugh!

10 months also marks your first airplane flight!  We are flying to CO Thursday for vacation. William is SUPER excited for you to ride on an airplane and he is going to video your first plane trip.  He's even reminded me to ask the pilot for your first flight certificate.  I'll be sure to let you know how you like plane travel.

10 months Anna Baby.  10 months.  It's gone so fast.  I know, I know.  I say it all the time.  But truly, the days disappear as quickly as they begin.  It feels like yesterday I met you and I can still feel your tiny body on my chest during those precious first hours of your life.  But at the same time, it feels like years ago that we set up shop together on an air mattress in the guest room of our new house while workmen hovered nearby. 

The last 10 months have been an adventure my Anna Baby.  I remind myself every single day to stop and soak up the sun with you.  I find myself leaving laundry in huge piles, dishes stacked in the sink and week old cheerios on the floor.  I don't care about those things because they will always be there - stacked, piled, and spilled.  But you are only little for a short time and I want to savor the seconds of your "littleness," study your tiny toes, and hold you for hours on end.  So that is what I try to do.  I make it a point to stop during the day and just BE with you. I hope with all my heart that you will feel a small part of me holding on to you.  And I pray that some of these moments are tucked away in your heart for you to feel when you are older. So you really do KNOW the depth of my love for you.  It's just that simple.  If I could keep you my baby, I selfishly would.

You are the delight of my heart.


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