Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween in OKC

The girls and I went to OKC for Halloween since Dan and William left early Friday for Waco.  They planned all summer to attend the Baylor Homecoming festivities and the big game in the new stadium.  Unfortunately, the game was Nov. 1st and so the guys needed to leave on the 31st in order to really enjoy the entire weekend.  I didn't want to be stuck in Tulsa over Halloween, so that's why we skipped town for Bebe and Pops' house!

Bebe and Pops have lots of Halloween yard art on their street.  So right before we left to trick-o-treat, I took the girls to the neighbor's houses to see the blow up toys in person.  They got a real kick out of them and loved them even more once it was dark outside.

Pops and I took the girls trick-o-treating early because the temperature was dropping and at dark, the high was going to be 35.  COLD!  So we took them at 5pm and walked around for about 45 minutes.  Anna had a blast ringing doorbells and selecting lollipops from the baskets.  Adeline loved seeing all the kids in costumes.  She especially enjoyed helping Bebe pass out the candy once we got home.

Taking the girls early worked out perfectly.  They got their fill of fun before they were tired and freezing.  I was sad that William wasn't with us on Halloween, but I knew he was having a blast in Texas with his cousins.  He even took his costume and went trick-o-treating with cousins.  So glad he didn't miss any of the fun.


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