Saturday, November 1, 2014

Pumpkintown 2014

The girls and I went to Pumpkintown during opening week. We met our friends Michelle, Jack and Harrison for a morning of fall festival fun.  It was the PERFECT time to go because school is in session and we were the only people there.  William is too old for most of the Pumpkintown playground, so I didn't feel too bad that he wasn't with us.

The girls LOVE all the play houses that are set up on the grounds.  They didn't care one bit about the bounce houses.  So they spend a long time setting up a picnic and pretending to be on a hike in the woods. 

Anna spotted the pony rides soon after we arrived and since no one was in line, we got an extra long time on the ponies!  The pony operator even told me that my girls were the nicest kids he had worked with in a long time and he thanked me for teaching them kind manners!  Proud mom moment for sure!  Anna especially loved the pony rides.  And when it was time to get off, she REALLY didn't want to leave her horse.  The nice operator distracted her by telling Anna that he'd take her to see the goats and the chickens.  Anna's eyes got huge and she instantly stopped crying and said, "Ok, lets go see the pigs too!"  HA! 

Pumpkintown has a petting zoo area where my girls just looked at the animals and got a kick out of watching them move around and make noise. 

We took a break to sit in a pumpkin patch and rode the cow train 3 times.  It was SO NICE to be there without anyone else.  We had the place to ourselves and the kids had a blast.  After a few hours, we headed home but my girls fell asleep before we even turned out of the Pumpkintown parking lot!



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