Thursday, April 24, 2008

Take your child to work day!

Today was Take Your Child to Work Day! The Senate invited staff children to work today, and there was a big reception sponsored by PBS kids. Clifford, Curious George and a few others were there to take pictures with the kids. William was not the least bit interested in that part which was fine considering the line was long! We took him to have a photograph with the Senator and back to Dan's office to explore the drawers and throw a few pens around. We set out for downtown this morning with our favorite neighbors, Carrie and Ava. Carrie's husband is also on Capitol Hill, so we made it an adventure together. Ava is like William's sister. He doesn't know life without her! She sticks up for him at the playground and they love to chase each other around. We rode the metro which is a pretty uneventful journey once you master where the elevators are located. We zipped right on and the kids were wide eyed as the trains flew by down the tracks. The kids were picture perfect the whole way! Our day was complete with a trip to the Nordstom's Cafe for lunch with the beautiful people.


The Showalters said...

You are so fortunate to live somewhere so exciting! William will have wonderful pictures to look at someday. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

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