Sunday, April 20, 2008

Today we had a rain storm. After several hours indoors and bored of his parents, William was ready to get down and dirty in the water. So, we suited up and took to the puddles. All water (sans stream) was fair game for the adventure. Needless to say, he had a BIG time! He was knee high in water at one point, splashed his heart out, and threw some sticks in the stream by the house. I couldn't get any stream pics since I was holding onto his wrist and holding my breath that he wouldn't fall in! There is something special about being outside with a happy, soaking wet toddler that made me care less about the rain pouring down on my face and the fact that my socks were sloshing around in my shoes! Little boys are a blast!


krhjohns said...

I LOVE IT! What a blast! It is so funny to see him sloshing around in all that water. P.S. Can you send him over here so he can teach Andrew how to walk...he is missing out on the puddle-jumping.

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