Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Day at Frying Pan Park and the Animal Farm

Today was a beautiful day in VA, so I packed up my farm boys and off we went to Frying Pan Park and Animal Farm. Tucked away in the Virginia countryside, Frying Pan Park is a cute little farm filled with adventure. There are wide open spaces to run and play, a small petting zoo, tractors and hayrides, as well as an arena for horse shows. In fact, there was a show going on while we were there and visitors could watch the horses jump over the hay bales. William had a great time running around the open fields and meeting real animals, face to face for the first time. In the beginning, he was slightly hesitant to visit with the cows and turkeys, but after he heard a "gobble," he chuckled a bit and that broke the ice. He was fascinated. I think being up so close and personal to the same animals that he sees in books just made his day. If only there had been a zebra.....William loves a good zebra.


Mallory said...

Love his farm themed outfit!! xo aunt mal mal

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