Saturday, May 17, 2008


May 17th marked my 31st birthday. William gave me a wonderful birthday present - he slept until 10am this morning. A historic moment in the Barron home for sure! Once he woke up from a sweet slumber, the three of us packed up and headed for the Leesburg Outlets. I did some birthday shopping while Dan entertained the little man on the play train (see picture). I took my time wandering around without hauling a stroller, diaper bag, snacks, and a sippy cup. That was really fun actually. Then it was off to a birthday lunch at Blue Ridge Grill, one of our favorite stops in Leesburg. Of course, what makes a birthday without a trip to Walmart too? After that, our trip was complete with a stop at Mama's Pies, a cute little dive in an old historic dugout. We bought a few slices of our favorites along with a Gingerbread Boy and Dan's favorite, a Buck Eye. As we were heading out of town with our loot, Dan noticed a sign for yet another Virginia, we stopped just as we always do. I think we are among the few people who have hit every VA Battlefield site out there. We walked the trails and stopped by a graveyard that houses 12 Union soldiers from the Battle of Balls Bluff. William really loved it because after a day of shopping, he was desperate to stretch his legs and run like the wind! People kept asking me what I wanted for my birthday, and honestly, I didn't want anything. I had a grand time just hanging out with my boys. It's a blessing to be in such fine company every day of my life! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MOMMY!


meredith said...

oh happy day, my friend!!!! i didn't know it was your special day & i didn't know you were back...yea to both!!!! we will have to extend the celebration to next week!
glad that you were celebrated today - you deserve it!
hope to see you soon!

jane said...

Hi Megs!
I was so glad to get to see you and William -- thanks for coming by! I know your mom was thrilled to have all her favorite kids around for her big day!
The move is done -- it was a big of a challenge. A huge storm knocked out power all over town, including at Henry's school -- so he was with us helping every step of the way! My car got not one, but two, flat tires -- the movers couldn't get the truck up the drive and had to borrow my car and drive the boxes up a few at a time -- you get the idea. In the midst of the madness, Lori and I did try to call and wish you happy birthday -- probably about the time you were touring a battle field!
Anyway, Happy Happy and much love!

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