Friday, May 16, 2008


May 14th marked Bebe's 60th birthday. So, with the help of Pops, Rachie, Ryan and Jesse, William and I were able to surprise my mom for her special birthday. On Thursday before we left DC, I told my mom I would be at the Smithsonian museums most of the day and so I wouldn't be in touch until around 5pm. She fell for it - hook, line and sinker. At 11:30am, William and I boarded our flight for the Heartland. He was a gem the entire way....I must say that since we fly so often, he's an old pro! The boy slept from take off to touch down on both legs of the flight.....CHAMP! So, we arrived at 4:30pm and Rachie and Pops picked us up. We all headed to the restaurant shortly after and when Bebe arrived - SURPRISE!!! She LOVED it! It was SO FUN keeping the secret and seeing the look on her face! After the initial thrill, we settled into a happy week of celebration. Saturday night we grilled outside and watched William's first encounter with a garden hose. He played for a hour with the water and would have lasted much longer if I hadn't "rained on his parade" and shut down the flood gates. Sunday, we celebrated Mother's Day. It was my second year as a mom, and I look down at my William and think, "what did I ever do before he came along and what could ever be more important?" He's the love of my life. Sunday night we had a festive birthday party and Mother's Day combo at RED PIN, the swanky bowling alley in Bricktown. We had so much fun with our family, and it was really impressive to watch Mac and Meme throw down some pins! You'd think they were 19 again. Bella taught William and Micah how to throw the ball and it was cute to watch them run around together. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO RANELL, KRISTEN, BEBE and me! We rounded out the week in OKC with several friends. William, Rachel and I picked up Ann Joullian at Casady and took her for an after school snack at our beloved Sonic. We then met up with her sister and mom who told us all about their recent trip to Africa and a certain prom date of another favorite Joullian child. The grand finale was a backyard water party with our buddies Lisa and Paul. Paul is 6 months older than William, but they sure have a blast getting into trouble. You can see Paul and William in the slide show. They had fun chasing the beach ball, riding the toy car, stealing each other's toys (much to the other one's dismay) and splashing with the water table. It's the sweet moments with friends and family that make our trips back to OKC so frequent and yet, so hard to leave behind. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEBE! We love you more than the world!


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