Saturday, June 7, 2008

Baby it's hot outside!

Today was almost 100 degrees outside. After swimming and playing with the water table, we were looking for one more activity to complete our Saturday. Dan suggested we head to Reagan Airport to watch the airplanes from indoors. Great idea!

We ended up spending 3 hours playing in the airport. William was glued to the window for an hour just staring out into the sea of activity on the runway. We always knew he LOVED airplanes, but it was a real kick to watch him squeal with glee at the sight of all that action. We had dinner at TGI Fridays and sat at a table next to the window. Again, William was mesmerized by the airplanes coming and going.

Lastly, we headed outside to Abingdon Plantation, a historic home site once owned by George Washington's family. It seems a bit random that there'd be an archeological site on airport property, but the entire Reagan Airport is built on the Abingdon Plantation land, so it was only fitting that the airport authority preserve the ruins of the 1780's home. It sits up on a hill overlooking the airport and the Metro train.

Needless to say, William was living like a King up there as he had a bird's eye view of planes, trains and automobiles! I did forget the camera, but we'll be going back soon enough! I now see the airport through the eyes of a 16 month old child, and it never looked so fun!


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