Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another milestone for the baby book...

Today was William's very first haircut - what a milestone! Although I thought it took a very LONG 16 months for William to grow the small amount of hair he had, Dan really wanted me to take him for a trim. I put it off for a few weeks because I had every mommy's fear of loosing their child's "babyness" after cutting off those precious locks for the first time. I also had the "woe is me, he won't be a baby anymore" feeling that comes with the "first milestone" territory.

But, you know what they say - there is power in numbers. So, we set out for the momentous occasion with our side kicks, Carrie and Ava. We went to Cartoon Cuts where they have movies such as Cars and Barney for the kids to watch during the haircut. Ava sat up in the seat like a princess and didn't move - WAY TO GO BABE! Then again, she is almost 2 and an old pro at the beauty parlor.

Next up was William. He JUST woke up from a nap and gave me the look of, "what in the world are we doing now?" At first, he sat up in the seat like a king on a throne. I was all excited and relieved that he had his game face on. The first 2 minutes were cake, and then.......the buzzing electric clippers. William lost it. Poor baby, he was scared to death of the buzzing noise. I held him for the final snips and then it was over. The stylist gave him a certificate for his first haircut plus a small baggie of his locks - for mom.

Yes, he doesn't look like the same messy haired baby that I knew yesterday. He looks like the cutest little boy in my life now. I know he's still a bit of a baby, after all he is only 16 months. However, it is just a reminder to me of how quickly the time goes and to embrace every intoxicating moment of babyhood. You'll wake up one morning and your baby will need a haircut.


krhjohns said...

Way to go, William! I love seeing them sit there with the capes on. They look like such big kids.

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