Saturday, October 25, 2008

Daddy makes life extra fun!

I went out to dinner with a girlfriend on Friday night which left Dan in charge of William. They decided to go to National airport and watch the planes, an event that ranks #1 in William's book. Dan lightly mentioned the idea to him this m0rning and several times during the day, William would look at me and say, "Dada sky WHHOOSH!" This of course meant, "Dada said we'd go watch the planes (hence WHHOOSH) in the sky." When Dan got home William repeated the "sentence" and basically was NUTS to get out the door and off to the promise land. So, they left quickly and spent 1.5 hours exploring the airport. When I got home and asked William how it went, this is exactly what he said: "Wee wow, big, sky" and then he raised his hands and waved them around as he does to describe airplanes and said, "WHHOOSH! WEE." A job well done Dada.


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