Saturday, October 25, 2008

Daddy Part 2

Saturday morning Dan announced he was taking William for a hike while I worked at the stationary store. At his request, I was to dress William in pocket pant cargos, a wilderness shirt and appropriate footwear. Well, talk about pressure. So, I dug into the black hole of William's drawer and actually found pocket cargo pants....I was shocked because they certainly aren't anything I would instinctively purchase...must have been a Walmart special! Then I found a shirt with a bear on it and checked the "wilderness shirt" box. Footwear, I was excited. I have a pair of Merrells that William is finally big enough to fit into;however, he wanted NOTHING to do with them AT ALL. I put them on his feet and he looked so stinkin' cute until he burst into tears and grabbed his favorite sneakers, the red Keds. Well, I keep life positive for the kid. After all, 20 months can be rough. So, I caved and changed the shoes. The boys set out on a hike which included throwing 50 rocks in the creek, collecting sticks, watching geese, examining an old tree stump and topped off with a trip to Burger King. My William loves a nugget. Lots of fun and a loooooong bath when he got home!


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