Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Today was picture day at Mother's Day Out. Since the church is a real preschool from 1 year-4 years, they have an official picture day with the ol' traditional blue backdrop just like we did as kids. They even have the Scholastic Book catalog too which I thought was ancient news! Anyways, back to picture day. I gave William two choices for his outfit and he pointed to the helicopter overalls (I was hoping so!). His beloved red tennies were in the wash, so he kindly humored me with a white pair. I thought he looked pretty cute considering I had no idea how the pictures would really go. When I picked him up, his teacher said he wanted nothing to do with having his photo taken. I think it all had to do with the fact that they wanted him to sit still and pose. What 21 month old can do that? Apparently, the whole class but William! Anyways, he sat on his teacher's lap and she leaned like Gumby so she wasn't in the shot. This should be real interesting to see. Again, just a school picture.


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