Saturday, November 8, 2008

2 Country Boys

My daddy taught me young how to hunt
& how to whittle,
He taught me how to work
& play a tune on the fiddle,
He taught me how to love
& how to give just a little,
Thank God I am a country boy!
- John Denver

Another day in the woods for Daddy and William. This time, the request was 1. pair of cargo pocket pants 2. a green waffle cotton shirt and 3. outdoor hiking shoes a.k.a. Merrells. I took every word seriously and with a 10-4, I got my boys out the door. Let's just say that William had the time of his life exploring the woods again. Maybe I should be careful checking his pockets for "mystery treasures!"


Emily Sue Orrick said...

WOW-that picture of William looking at the camera on the bridge is AWESOME! You must love your new camera!

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