Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My pint sized peanut in plaid and pocket pants!

Dan had the day off yesterday and so after we dropped William at school, the two of us headed to Leesburg, home of the best outlet shopping! While I was eager to hit William Sonoma and Pottery Barn for some Christmas shopping, Dan was just as excited to enter the world of OshKosh Bogsh.

As you read from my previous posts, my boys have been on a hiking kick lately. This is not just a phase because Dan is a true outdoorsman and now William is at the age where he can really understand the basic concepts of nature (rocks, dirt, water, trails, etc.). Because there will be many, many more hiking trips in the future, Dan really wanted to pick out a new wilderness outfit for the little guy. So, after very little deliberation, here's William sporting his new threads for the woods.

I admit, this was painful for me to swallow. I mean, he looks really cute don't get me wrong. But, I am just the type who loves to see my toddler in age appropriate attire in pale shades. He's still a little person to me and I want to savor the "little boy" stage as long as I can. BUT, it was easy enough to let slide this time. It was SO cute to watch Dan really think about what he wanted to buy William to wear and then the excitement in his face after he'd successfully dressed William in his new threads. What a Daddy! So, here's to pocket pants and a plaid shirt that you can see from 100 miles away. Who am I to complain - I love a good cardigan and so did Mr. Rogers.


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