Friday, November 14, 2008

Heavy Weight

Every day when I pick up William at preschool, there is a very detailed list of what the children did on a given day. Most of the time it is a run down which reads similar to "played outside, read Silly Sally and Corduroy, took naps, went to music, etc." Today, the list was different. Today, the toddlers weighed themselves...don't ask me why, but it was the highlighted activity on the agenda. So, where does our William fall in the ranks of one year olds? He was THE HEAVIEST KIDDO! William came in at a husky 32 lbs (he's 21 months old) and the lightest child rang in at 23 lbs. I guess all those chicken nuggets and bowls of applesauce are paying off for the lad.

Here's a picture of our cutie on the day of the weigh in!


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