Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter 2010

We finally have spring weather for an Easter out here in VA!  It was really nice to forgo wearing winter coats and dressing in warm clothes!  Spring has definately arrived!

We took William to church Saturday morning for a pancake breakfast and Easter egg hunt.  He spotted his buddy Caroline and we sat with her family for the breakfast.  The event also included crafts so William decorated an egg cookie, made a fine beaded necklace for me, and colored a few spring theme pictures.

Then it was time for the hunt.  This year the church staff hid golden eggs throughout the hunt.  If a child found a golden egg then they got a prize.  The prize was one of the large Easter gift baskets that acted as table centerpieces at the breakfast.  William heard "golden egg = prize" and he was game on.  

When we approached the starting line, William saw a golden egg in plain sight.  He told me, "Mom Mom, I am going to get that golden egg."  Of course, all the other kids saw the same egg and I knew that he was not going to get it.  But, you gotta keep a little guy positive.  When the hunt started, sure enough a bigger kid swooped down and snatched the golden egg.  William sobbed.  I quickly explained that there were many more golden eggs and we'd find one.  
I pulled him into the tot lot to hunt around for eggs and I figured that a golden egg would be hiding inside the play house.  Sure enough.  So, I quickly ran William over to the play house and told him to check inside for a golden egg.  He shrieked with excitement and emerged victorious!  "Mom Mom, I FOUND A GOLDEN EGG!  I GET A  PRIZE!!!"  Oh, the things we do.....I am sure I looked like "that mom" as I desperately tried to find a golden egg to make my little boy's dreams come true.  

After collecting a basket of eggs, William was determined to go and pick out his prize basket.  He selected a basket containing a blue bunny, a compass, candy, notepad and pen, as well as a ball.  He was one happy camper.

We headed home and just enjoyed the rest of our afternoon and the beautiful spring weather.  We met up with Dan's sister and her boys and played at the park.  

It was a great Easter and such a treat to see William engaged in the egg hunt.  He's now at the age where he "gets it" and thinks that these sweet traditions are loads of fun.  So does his Mom Mom!


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