Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We are back from sunny Florida!

 Our family took a very fun vacation to Fort Meyers, Florida.  Dan's parents spend the winter months at their condo in Fort Meyers, so we packed our bags and headed for a sunny visit to spend time with them as well as Dan's 3 other siblings and their children.  This was the first time all the Barron kids have been together since we got married almost 7 years ago.  Needless to say, it was a very special time for Dan's parents and a wonderful opportunity for William to really get to know some of his cousins. 

This was a great year to start our beach trip to Florida because William is at the perfect age to appreciate sandy beaches, the thrill of building sand castles, and wading in the ocean. 
HE. LOVED.  EVERY.  SECOND.   At first he was not a big fan of the sand getting all over him, but it didn't take long for him to soak in the excitement after he realized that the beach was like a giant sandbox.   He spent loads of time building castles with his cousin Claire and Dada helped him carry pails of water from the ocean up to the "dig site."  He would have stayed in the pool or at the beach ALL DAY LONG, but we've got the fair skin genes.  So, William would party hard all morning long and then retreat to the hotel room for a nap with Dada.  Then they would emerge around 4:30 or 5pm for an evening swim and lots more time on the beach.  Where was I, you ask?  I was holding down the fort in our beach chairs of course!

We stayed at a fabulous resort called The Pink Shell.  It was right on the beach and in a super location for everyone.  Our rooms were close together which William thought was so cool.  He LOVED running between rooms and hanging out with all the cousins.  His favorite game to play was called "elevator" in which he would have Claire go for a ride on the "elevator" by having her climb in the closet, tell him what floor she wanted and then William would slide the closet doors back and forth until "ding" they arrived at her destination.  

As far as the entertainment, the kids and the adults had a ball.  We were always able to grab lounge chairs together and the hotel has a private beach for guests.  So, you could basically run back and forth from the beach to the pool all day without missing a beat.   The Pink Shell is incredibly kid friendly and throughout the day they had various kid activities planned.  We didn't participate in the activities only because William was more concerned with swimming in the waterfall pool and building castles in the sand.  However, we did find time to line up for "build your own ice cream sundae" hour!

Dan's mom had a photographer come to the beach on Saturday morning for a family photo shoot.  It was a special way to document all the Barrons together and really capture the grand kids at such cute ages.  You should have seen all of the adults jumping around trying to get all the kids to look in the same direction and smile at the same time.  There are some hilarious "blooper" pictures!  All in all, I think Dan's mom and dad will have some great pictures to cherish from the vacation.  We had a great time catching up with everyone and playing in the sunshine!  Thank you BJ and Sylvia for the memories!  We had a blast and can't wait to come back!


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