Friday, April 2, 2010

Afternoon at National Harbour

Wednesday was our first nice day during William's spring break, so we headed to the Gaylord National Harbour.  It was just going to be William and I until Carrie called looking for something exciting to do too.  So, she and Ava met up with us for lunch at Pot Belly.  The kids had a good time playing on the sandy beach and watching the boats and airplanes. 

William LOVED standing on his rock and throwing sticks and pebbles into the Potomac.  He could have stayed there all day.  Ocassionally airplanes would pass by as they came in to land at National Airport and William was quick to point out their names every time.  Every airplane he sees is more exciting than the one before.  And every time I absolutely cherish the sheer delight in his voice as he announces who it is way up in the blue sky.  It's just another reminder of blissful childhood.

 Side note:  The picture above shows William "measuring the gas line" with a stick.  He recently checked a movie out at the library called "Trucks, Trucks, Trucks," and there's a man, Ian, who goes around to all the gas stations in his fuel truck to check how much gas is left underground for the trucks who need to refuel.  He uses a large stick to measure.  So, William is  pretending to be Ian and is checking for fuel with his stick.

And back to the trip:

There is a statue called "The Awakening" on the beach at National Harbour.  It's basically the head, arms and legs of a man emerging from the sand.  Kinda random, but kinda cool when you see it up close.  Nevertheless, "The Awakening" is a make shift playground for the kids.  They had a blast climbing on his face, sitting in his mouth and putting sand up his nose.  I even got a few shots of William and Ava perched in his hand.

After running around the beach, we headed over to the hotel so we could cool off and let the kids run around indoors.  It's always a success when you can ride a few escalators and toss some coins in a fountain.
Twas a fine way to ring in spring break.


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