Tuesday, July 27, 2010

O Henry!

My best pal Lori was in town for a friend's wedding last weekend.  Lori's husband's family lives in McLean, VA which is just 20 minutes from us.  So when she told me she was coming to town, William and I jumped at the chance to see them!  

Lori's in laws have a wonderful house filled with toys for the boys and a great swimming pool.  I told William we were going to see Henry and meet his new little brother, Alexander.  William hasn't seen Henry in a year, but without hesitation he asked me, "do you think they will have tons of fire trucks for Henry at their house?  He loves fire trucks just I like I love airplanes.  Do you think there will be airplanes?"  Never underestimate a 3 year old and his memory!  - And for the record, Lori was able to find some Lego airplanes from 1970 in the basement! 

We had a super time catching up and I got to love on baby Alex.  William and Henry played with a million toys, swam in the pool, played with the pool table and shared a few intense games of pin ball.  

Thanks for having us Lors! 


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