Friday, July 9, 2010

Week One in OKC

William and I left for OKC on June 19th via BWI airport on Southwest Airlines.  Dada's plan was to fly in for the wedding weekend and return to DC (that trip got scrapped.  thank you BP oil spill. However, Dada was able to join us in Colorado).

We got to the airport with plenty of time to wander around.  I had a hunch William was going to ask to wear his pilot costume, so I packed it in my carry on.  Good call.  He put his uniform on right after we got through security and he kept it on the entire journey.  When we boarded the plane one of the flight attendants wanted to take his picture but I told him it was only allowed if my little pilot could see the cockpit once we landed.  Deal.   William slept the entire three hour flight in full pilot gear.  Once we landed William and I waited for everyone to unload and then we got to see the cockpit.  He was shy at first and then I told him it was something he has wanted to do for a long time and this was his chance.  He realized what I meant and quietly asked me to take his picture with the crew.  He was real excited and we are so thankful for the opportunity to be a real pilot for a few minutes.

Once we got to Bebe and Pops, William was wide awake and ready to party - even though it was 11pm.  He had to play with every single toy in their house and then he made sure the Hershey Kiss machine was fully stocked.  Once we'd checked all the boxes, I worked hard to get him to bed.   The next day William started swim lessons.  His teacher was a very nice high schooler nicknamed "Ransom."  William took to him right away and learned the basic swim skills sans floaties.  I am all about keeping things positive and since he LOVES to be in the swimming pool, I really just wanted him to get the feel for real swimming and how to use your body.  He did really, really well but prefers to keep his floaties on when he's with me.  I do make him take them off for awhile so we can practice what Ransom taught him and he is always proud to show me.  However, his confidence is short lived without the ol' engine wings.  Next year, I think we'll be a glider and leave the engine wings behind.

William also took part in a cute little nature camp at my parents' church.  It was only 3 days for 2 hours each day.  The kids did a craft, learned a song and had a snack.  It was a good way for William to be with other little kids since it was just too hot to hit a park during the day.

We also logged many hours at the swimming pool with old friends and our favorite niece, Elin.  William loved showing her the ropes and he even checked out the high dive with Uncle Ryan.  He also loved going to Quail Creek because the pool there is very similar to the toys at the VA spray parks.  
  Thank you Mac and Meme for letting William come to your club!  It was a great idea!

We also kicked off our first week home with a few wedding events for cousin Meredith.  My parents hosted a beautiful family dinner on Monday night to kick start the wedding extravaganza.  We ate Mexican food and wedding cookies and asked the 8 Ball various questions about the upcoming wedding.  The night was full of laughter and the little cousins had a great time playing together.  Thursday night we all went bowling at Red Pin with Meredith, Rand and their families.  I must say that my bowling attire was top notch, especially with the sweet bowling shoes.   Then Friday we celebrated with the bridesmaids' luncheon at Nona's and the rehearsal dinner at Red Prime.  Both events were fantastic and it was a treat to see old college friends and people I have grown up with but not seen in a long time.  

The whole time the wedding events were going on, William was either exploring the town with Pops or hanging out with Gram and Bubba.  Gram and Bubba really took one for the team when they kept William all weekend so I could enjoy the wedding events without a worry in the world.  William had THE BEST time at their house and Gram found all of Dada's old toys  for him to play with.  She also made him a special place on the floor where he could sleep in their room.  They went to McDonald's, played in the backyard fountain, took a shopping trip to Toys R Us for airplanes, played with the adding machine that "mom mom, it really makes receipts!", and pounded out a few tunes on the ol' key board.  It was reported that Gram can really sing a few bars herself!  I can't thank them enough for all their help.  I sure hope my pilot didn't wear them slick!

So that is week one in a nutshell.  We literally spent every single second of free time playing with family and catching up with friends. 

Pictures will come later as I have to move old photos to the hard drive to give me some space. 


meredith said...

SOOO glad you're back in the blogosphere!!!! we missed ya! can't wait to see pics of the hometown visit!
p.s. amazing that the little guy got to check out the cockpit!!!!! :)

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