Thursday, July 8, 2010

Miss us much?

Well, we are back from our super exciting vacation to Oklahoma and Colorado.  We spent 2 weeks with family and friends and celebrated cousin Meredith's wedding.  Then my whole family spent a week at the Broadmoor in Colorado  for a fabulous Fourth of July and relaxing vacation.  I have many pictures to post as well as a long narrative about our adventures.  But for now, I am digging us out of suitcases and working on 6 loads of laundry.  

Lets not forget about Pilot Barron.  He's frantically busy flying around the house and touching just about every toy he owns. He's been entertaining himself for the last 3 hours.   In fact, I just heard him introduce the new airplanes to the rest of the crew we left behind for 3 weeks.  "And everybody, this one is F-16 fighting falcon and you can see the flashing lights.  Here, watch."  

It might be awhile.  It might be a few days.  It might be tomorrow.   Soon enough I will be back to blogging with fun filled updates on our trip.


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