Thursday, February 2, 2012

Blue bag strikes again

The blue bag (letter of the week bag( returned to the Barron house last Friday.  William was so happy that it was his turn again for the bag.  He marched right up to the car with a huge grin on his face and the bag above his head!

"Mom, I freaked out!  I saw the bag under my backpack and I asked Mrs. Overcash why the blue bag was under my stuff.  She said it was my turn to take it home and I jumped in the air and freaked out!"

Oh the things that make a little kid's day complete!

The letter for the week was "V."  Kind of a toughy, but William decided to bring his voice changer that he got for Christmas.  Well, Sunday afternoon I was changing the battery in the voice changer and nothing. happened. at. all.  It was broken!  I stayed calm but slightly panicked because the letter "V" isn't exactly the easiest letter to show and tell.  William was terribly disappointed because he was so excited to demonstrate how the voice changer makes him sound funny.

Then it hit me.  We have a VACUUM! A Dust Buster to be exact.  William was THRILLED and I was relieved to pull another satisfactory suggestion out of my hat.  We put some confetti in a baggie so he could turn the vac on and show the class how it works.  He practiced about 3 times just to make sure it would go smoothly. 

His clues were:  1. it is loud  2. it is small 3.  it picks stuff up

When I picked him up from school he told me that this vac was a hit.  He said everyone liked his demonstration and he let a few of the kids turn the machine on and off. 

Well done WBB!


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