Monday, February 20, 2012

Okies in Muskogee

Sunday afternoon we decided to hit the road for Muskogee, Oklahoma.  We've never been there, but it's a quick 40 minute drive and easy on the kids.  William looked forward to seeing the USS Batfish, a WWII submarine, and it's history museum.  

We got to Muskogee just in time for lunch.  3 of the restaurants we found on Urbanspoon were closed.  And to say the town has a "wow" factor is a big "wow" it sure doesn't.  Not dogging Muskogee, just sayin' it left lots to be desired.  

We did find a quaint pizza joint that was packed with post church goers, so we knew it would be a winner.  And it was delicious!  We enjoyed our lunch and then headed for the Batfish exhibit.
William thought it was very cool to see a real submarine up close.  He kept saying how big it was and hesitated to enter the submarine.  Dan assured him it would not be setting sail, and after a little nudge, William climbed inside for a tour.  Adeline, on the other hand, was not a fan of the submarine at all.  She KNEW it was a strange place and she cried most of the time we were inside.  

William warmed up to it after awhile and tried out the sleeping quarters.  

Once we completed the sub tour, William wanted to explore the park and check out the real army tanks and torpedoes.  

We played several hide and seek games among the warfare before calling it a day.  

Despite the underwhelming charm of Muskogee, our little family had a great time together.  It is always refreshing to hit the road for a day trip and welcome a new adventure. 


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