Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Adeline's First Birthday Party






Adeline's first birthday party was a "Cute As A Button" theme.  I couldn't resist because in our eyes, this phrase perfectly describes our baby girl.  And buttons turned out to be such a fun theme!
 8 years ago, my wedding colors were pink and mango (a subtle orange) and my love for ribbon was showcased throughout the wedding decor.  My mom spent hours weaving a ribbon tablecloth for my wedding cake table and it was one of my most favorite elements at my wedding reception.  Truly, this tablecloth is a labor of love and a treasured heirloom.  Best of all, my mom saved just about EVERY single piece of ribbon and decor that we used at my wedding reception - down to the pink and orange marble rocks we used in vases.  I mention all of this because little did we know that years later I would be pulling all of it out again for Adeline's first birthday party. 
And so the pink and orange theme was reborn.  From wedding to baby birthday!

I decided to host a party for family and close friends in OKC at my parents house.  They have a great backyard and own a bounce house (comes in handy all the time!), so we set up toys and the bounce house in the backyard for the kids.  The party coincided with spring break, so I knew attendance would be small and that was totally fine with me!  I wanted Adeline's party to be easy, fun and relaxed.  And it turned out perfect!

The weather was AMAZING! Adeline took two good naps on her party day, the last nap being 1 hour before the party started.  So she woke up well rested and cute as a button!  Since the party was pink and orange, I couldn't resist wearing a cute dress I found in the theme.
 I found Adeline's dress when I was pregnant and I just loved the smocking and the polka dots.  I had to have it and I was delighted that it fit perfectly on her birthday.  William was SO excited for the birthday party and knew the colors were pink and orange, so he asked me if could wear his orange shirt.....OF COURSE!  Love a matching celebration! 
Adeline had THE BEST TIME at her party.  Granted, she had no clue it was all about her.  Still, she ran around holding court and talking in jibberish to anyone willing to listen to her.  She smiled and laughed and played to her hearts content.  She got a big kick out of watching William bounce around in the bounce house and she loved following other kiddos around as they played with the toys in the backyard.  I am so thankful she was well rested and happy the entire party.  CUTE AS A BUTTON THAT BABY OF MINE!
Dan and I put Adeline in her high chair half way through the party and let her bust into her cake.  I ordered a plain white cake from Walmart and then I decorated it with fondant buttons.  I made the button pendant banner on sticks by sewing buttons on a string and then draping it across from one stick to the other.  I really loved how it turned out not to mention the ribbons everywhere.  I LOVE RIBBON!
 Adeline welcomed her birthday cake like a big ol' slice of heaven.  She would have eaten the entire cake if we let her, but we decided to take it away after about 10 generous bites......and boy was Adeline NOT PLEASED with our decision.  She cried and cried until we got her cleaned up and distracted with more toys.

After a few hours, the party started to wind down.  Everyone had a great time and I think Adeline would have kept the party rockin' if she could have had her way.  CUTE AS A BUTTON!
 This day was not only special because it was Adeline's first birthday party; but it was also a day of celebrating people - our family and friends.   So many birthdays were missed when we lived in DC.  But now we are home and every milestone can be shared directly with the people we love and care about the most.  I am so grateful for that feeling.  And, I feel so blessed to have such a close and supportive family.  We miss you Bubba and Gram!

And to my babies - As your mom, you might think I am crazy for snapping hundreds of pictures and loving every creative second of your lives.  But one day you will realize that I can't get these precious moments back.  They come so quickly and are so fleeting.  The time, the days, the seconds - they are all celebrated in my heart.  Every last one of them. 

Adeline, You are CUTE AS A BUTTON AND SO MUCH FUN!  Those words fill up your personality!  The first year of your life was more joyful than I could ever have imagined.  We love you baby girl and cannot wait to see what the future holds for you!  Here's to ONE YEAR OLD!


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