Monday, March 5, 2012

Preschool Happenings

William has been really busy at school these days, and many highlights have happened without my camera in tow.  So, I want to log them on the blog so we can remember!

First, William's class has been exploring a new unit called, "occupations."  Everyday for a few weeks, the class learned about a different job and William really enjoyed it.  One day the kids got to wear their favorite occupation costume to school and William chose to be a Fighter Pilot.  He looked great in his flight suit and Dada got to attend the occupation parade at preschool.  This was a quick parade put on by the preschool kids.  They walked all over the primary school showing off their costumes.  Dada said William took it very serious and had the best costume of any of the kids.  No doubt!  William's flight suit is pretty awesome. 

Second, William was the helper again!  To be helper of the day at school is a HUGE THRILL for the kids.  Today was William's second time and just as big of an honor as it was the first time.  He jumped into the car with an enormous smile on his face - " Guess what Mom? I was THE HELPER TODAY!" and he let out the most joyful little giggle.  He told me that he was selected to be the helper because 1. William saw a classmate who needed a friend and he took charge to be there for his buddy and 2.  someone lost a piece to a puzzle and William was the first person offer to help find it.  (TALK ABOUT A PROUD MOM MOMENT!)  When I asked him what he did as the helper, William proudly told me "Mom, I did everything first before any of the other kids.  I got to pick where I wanted to sit for lunch and I got to pick 2 friends to sit with me.  I also got to tell the weather for the day and best of all, I got to help Mrs. Overcash set up the calendar.  That means that I got to see inside the box that holds all of the calendar decorations.  No one else has ever been able to see in there, ever.  And then I also was the line leader and when we were outside lining up after recess, I had to shout "HIPS AND LIPS!"  Of course, I asked what "hips and lips" meant, and William explained that it means you put your hands on your hips and close your lips so when you walk around the school you don't touch people or talk to anyone.  I thought that was funny, but to my Helper For the Day, it was a VERY SERIOUS procedure. 

Third, William's class took a field trip to Mazzio's to learn about the Pizza Man's job.  The field trip conflicted with a doctor's appointment, so I couldn't attend.  But, William told me they took a tour of the kitchen and watched their pizza cook in the oven.  They stayed for lunch and rode the school bus. 

And lastly, I will admit that I took him to school last Friday when there really wasn't any school.  It was Parent Teacher Conference day and I totally forgot.  Our conference was at night, so it never dawned on me that some people were having day time conferences.  Nevertheless, we left an empty school ready to start our day with a donut and a trip to Bebe and Pop's in OKC.  More on that fun adventure later!


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