Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Holland Hall Soccer

Holland Hall has a spring soccer program for all the kids in primary school.  If you want to participate, you just show up on the soccer fields at 3:30pm on Wednesdays.  The high school soccer players volunteer their time to play soccer with the younger kids and teach them the fundamentals of the game.  When I mentioned it to William, he was SO EXCITED to try it.  When we lived in VA, he was introduced to soccer through a little class at a community center, but as far as really learning the game and how it's played, well, this would be his first time!  And boy was he looking forward to it!
 He wore his cleats around the house on Monday and Tuesday so he could "get use to them and hopefully not fall down."  He probably asked me four or five times if I would be watching from the stands and if there would be a score board with winners and losers.  I explained that he wasn't really playing a soccer game, but instead just learning the sport and having fun with all the kids.  I told him it was just going to be a chance to meet other kids and play soccer with the high school boys.  After he realized that it wasn't going to be like a game on television, he was more relaxed and fired up. 

So today was the big day and HE WAS SOOOOO THRILLED.  We rushed home and changed clothes, grabbed his water bottle and laced up the cleats.  Lookin' good!
He had the best time.  He ran and ran and ran.  The coaches were super nice and divided the kids into teams according to their ages.  So, William ended up with 6 other kids in his grade.  He caught onto the game rather quickly and I was impressed at his kicking ability.  He even stole the ball a few times from the other team ! 

Bebe asked me if I could tell what kind of player he is.  I noticed that he is really just a middle of the road team player - not totally aggressive yet not one to just stand around and watch.  He really stayed involved in the game and at times, cheered his friends on with a "go get it! you can do it!" All in all, he had the best time and told me he really wished the soccer camp was every day after school.  I'd say my boy is off to a good start on the soccer field!

As for Sissy and I, we cheered from the sidelines and practiced walking around.


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