Friday, June 29, 2012

Mom's getaway to Denver!

Dan has been traveling quite a bit with his new job.  He's been back and forth to D.C., Kentucky, and Arizona.  Sometimes the trips are just a few days and other times they last a week.  I don't mind when he travels, but several times I have wished I could go with him....especially on the D.C. trips.  I'd love to see my friends! 

When Dan travels during the school year, it just isn't a good time for both of us to be gone.  BUT recently, he was slated to take a trip to Denver, CO for 4 days.  I was thrilled with the idea of tagging along WITHOUT THE KIDS! heehee.  I knew it would be my last chance for us to escape before I cannot travel anymore, we move and welcome a newborn in Oct.  So, thanks to Bebe and Pops for keeping the kids, Dan and I took a little working vacation - just the two of us.

Monday afternoon, we drove the kids to OKC and dropped them off with Bebe and Pops.  Dan and I took a direct flight to Denver from OKC and the whole journey was easy and stress free.  I can't remember the last time I flew with just a purse.  I saw lots of families traveling and I laughed to myself as I tried to steer clear of standing behind them in the security lines or even sitting near them on the plane!  Yes, this was a KID FREE vacation for ME!

Dan and I stayed at the Magnolia hotel in downtown Denver.  It was the site of Dan's coal conference and a good location for walking the 16th Street Mall.  The museums were also within walking distance and I took advantage of some sightseeing while I was on my own.

I was able to reserve a slot for a tour of the Denver Mint where they make all the coins.  It was very interesting and worth the hike in the 100 degree heat.

But I spent a lot of my time just hanging out - alone - in the hotel room.  It might not sound real thrilling, but I found it completely relaxing and very ejoyable.  I am never alone and just being able to do what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it and for 4 days....well, it was delightful.  I worked a lot on needlepointing Adeline's stocking, I took a few naps, I shopped, I played on the Ipad, and I went to tea........

Yes, tea.  It's one of my most favorite treats and I think the whole event of high tea is super fun.  I love it.  I use to go all the time in D.C. but now that we are in Tulsa, I cannot seem to find a hotel that caters to the fancy tea services. 

So one afternoon, I went to the Brown Palace hotel for high tea.  Alone.  wearing lipstick and carrying a real purse.  no kids.  no bibs, no sippy cups with lids.  Just me, my scones and a decorating magazine.  I had a great time!

Dan would get back from the meetings around dinner time, so we had our evenings to enjoy each other's company and grab a good bite to eat.  It was really fun to just be with him. 

 I kept thinking back to the 3 years before we had our kids and how often we'd go out for dinner, just the two of us.  Or how we took hundreds of day trips through VA simply on a whim and without a care in the world about what time we'd return or what kinda schedule we were on.  I cherish those days so very much.  Don't get me wrong, I am beyond thankful and full of happiness for the life we've created together, for our children and for the future.  But there is just something so bittersweet about the time we can't back when it was just the two of us. 

LIke our honeymoon in Nova Scotia

Or the time we went to Spain

 Our trip to Quebec City


 3 year anniversary to Newport, RI

 Waiting for William in Oregon

Our trip to Ireland

 Fun fall at the Greenbriar

Our trip to Prague!

And so, I simply love just being with my Dan.  He's my best friend and the most magnificent gift I have ever received.  He's my calming force and he's made my dreams come true in ways I never thought imaginable.  He is simply the best.


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